Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Which Grandma Has a Birthday in Boise

Thanks to the brilliant and amazing planning skills of Aunt Misty, we celebrated Grandma's birthday in style with a surprise birthday party at 8 AM in the dining room of the hotel this morning!
We all gathered 15 minutes before we told them to meet us.  Fortunately, I come from an extremely punctual family.  Consequently, everything went just perfectly according to schedule.
We were ready for when they walked in through the door.
That is a HUGE TV that Matt and Misty gave Bev for her birthday and as a thank you for coming up and staying with their kids during Misty's surgery and recovery for a couple of months a little while back.  Apparently, Dad and Bev got spoiled by watching Matt and Misty's big screen TV up in Washington.
We shouted surprise and sang her happy birthday.  Bev is not big into celebrating her birthday, and   truthfully, I wasn't even quite sure exactly when it was.  So it was so good that Misty is big into celebrating birthdays.
 Because it was really special to have this little celebration.
Misty had a little something for each grandchild to give her.
They were little treats that Grandma likes.
Cannon was the lucky one who got to give her a Diet Coke.
Greta with the birthday Grandma.
I'm sorry this picture didn't turn out better, but it's better than nothing.  And it does show a lot of people I love a whole lot!
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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