Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Which I Write One Final Post About Boise

Camille and I have spent many hours taking care of little people during competitions.
We were so proud of drive team.  I am beyond grateful for the influence that these good people have had on Clark.
Each team member had a personalized pin.  This was Clark's.  Should I be worried?
 Jim Cook was a long-time mentor who passed away last year.
Apparently Elinor really enjoyed the power tools.
Scouting other teams during a scouting meeting at the hotel.
I wasn't there for this picture, so I don't know the whole story, but I think it involved Clark finally giving in to the team's opinion on a matter of scouting.  It looks like a lot of fun.
I love this picture of Clark and Tanner, because they have been together doing FIRST since they were about ten years old.
And here are their little brothers, hoping and dreaming to take their brother's spots on the team someday.
Lucky boys to have such great older brothers.
And lucky older brothers to have such loyal fans.
There may have been some tears shed this weekend as Clark closes this chapter in his life.
It was so fun to eat out for our meals.  We ate quite well all weekend, so I thought it was funny when we got home this afternoon and the kids were so relieved that we were eating "real food" again.  By real food they were celebrating a spaghetti dinner at our kitchen table.  I admit, it made me feel pretty good about the quality and regularity of my cooking.  If they'd prefer a simple spaghetti dinner to getting to eat out at every meal, I must be doing something right!
They did enjoy the blue slushie at Chuck-a-Rama.  I can't make that at home.
It really is such a treat to get to eat breakfast with your friends at a hotel.
Dinner on Thursday night with lots of the team.  Looks like Bethany is busting a move by putting her arm around Sam.  Ha ha!  It's actually Clark's hand.
Swimming at the hotel with friends is at least as much fun as eating breakfast at a hotel with friends.
The glory of those fat little legs.  Oh Yummy!

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