Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Which We Stay at a Hotel In Boise

Adorable little grand babies with a very happy grandma and grandpa at the hotel breakfast.
Clark only stayed with our family in our room one night.  The other nights he was in a team room.  But for that one night we had 10 people sleeping in our 2 queen bed/ 1 pull-out couch bed room.  Impressive, no?  Curious as to how that works?
Abe and I and Greta in a queen bed.
Elinor and Bethany in a queen bed.
Clark on a couch cushion bed on the floor.
Peter in a pack and play.
Faith, Cannon, and George on the pull-out bed.
The trickiest part was the bathroom in getting ready in the morning.  Make it work... just make it work.
This is when Clark and Elinor finally returned to the hotel after it was all said and done and we debriefed the weekend's events.  We did very well and made it to the semi-finals where we were once again defeated by our team's nemesis "Team Tators" of Boise, Idaho.
There was a lot of cousins swimming.  Aliyah was very generous in letting all the cousins have a turn with her mermaid tail.
Cute little Rosalie.  She and Faith still look so much alike.
Hey, there are mermen?  Right?  Whoever says mermen tails aren't masculine clearly never saw King Triton in The Little Mermaid.  
I suppose holding a triton would help.
Uncle Abe is so much fun in the pool.
Best pool toy ever invented!
It was perfect, the kids swam to their hearts content and we got to visit.
Peter usually demanded we sit our chairs right by the 1 ft. kiddie pool and watch him.

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oakley said...

So fun!!! Glad you could all get together again! We love you❤️