Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beauty and the Beast 2017

Back in 2006, our little family (and my dad) joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast with Bluffdale Arts Council.  I was very great with child, and by the time we performed the play, I was only two weeks away from delivery Faith.  Faith was born just one year after we lost our sweet Tessa, and being a part of the play was a way to occupy my thoughts and time and try to keep my sanity through a very stressful, anxious pregnancy.
Fast forward eleven years, and while we've grown quite a bit, and we weren't all in the play, most of the family enjoyed being a part of the cast for another production of Beauty and the Beast with Bluffdale Arts.
Bethany was a silly girl and the rest of us were lowly villagers.
 Peter was clearly thrilled to be with the beast and Gaston.  We loved the leads in the show-- they were so talented and so nice.
 George found a little lady friend that he hung out with in the backstage gym during the shows.
It's pretty great watching all the kids making up games and forming friendships over the time of intensive dress rehearsals and performance.  Really nice people.
I enjoyed the time spent backstage when the kids were happily playing and we didn't have much to do besides sit and visit.
Bethany was also a tap dancing spoon in the "enchanted" scenes.
Clark and Clark-- Chocolate Clark and Vanilla Clark.
What?... Is that not PC?
The cute, silly girls.  Individually, I'm sure they are all respectable, intelligent young ladies.  But as a group, they were, indeed, very silly.
Faith and Cannon were troopers to endure all the late night rehearsals and performances.
Somebody else was a trooper as well.  I wish we'd figured out some sort of costume for her so I could have just taken her out on stage with me.  She was so happy as long as she was in my arms.
It was fun to get to spend so much time with Abe during the final week.  These shows do take quite a bit of time, but I just love pulling together as a family to be a part of something we enjoy so much.  It's a refreshing change of pace from regular life.

Elinor decided not to do the show, which worked out kind of nicely for us because she was a big help in taking care of little boys during the crazy final week. She did have a speech and debate tournament on the last day of the show.  We were very thankful Grandpa Cannon could take her down and stay and help be a judge for the tournament.  Then they came back and made it to the show for closing night.

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