Sunday, May 14, 2017

Song & Dance Boys

I told Clark he is quite the enigma.  The boy loathed singing throughout all of his years of Primary.  Occasionally he will deign to sing in the ward choir at Christmas time.   But that is a stretch.  But then he reveals that he can do  THIS!  

What the what?  You, my friend, have been hiding your light under a bushel.  He did give me permission to post this video, so I guess the secret is out.  Clark can, in fact, sing.  And sing quite well.  However, I am his mother, and consequently, my praise is not to be believed nor is it a reliable source of judgment.  Whatever!
This is the number he did for a Singing in the Rain audition on Friday night.  He went to call backs and now we're waiting to see if he gets a part other than ensemble.  Either way, the summer teen/ young adult plays are a highlight of the summer for the teens in our house.

When I took him to the audition, I asked the director what she had in mind for the young Don Lockwood and the young Cosmo.  If you remember, they have a very short scene toward the beginning of the movie where they are dancing and get thrown out of a bar.  I told her Cannon could tap dance and he could come in the morning and audition when Bethany and Elinor were planning to come.
So that night we helped Cannon work up a little song and dance number.  Bethany helped him choreograph and we had so much fun! I'm going to put up three different videos of him.  I'm sorry it's overkill, but this just made my Mother's Day weekend!
Here is the first one I'll post.  It's with him singing and dancing with the piano

Here he is performing it a capella

And this one is my favorite!  This was Saturday night when he'd been working so hard to learn the song, ("Fortuosity" from my all-time favorite movie, The Happiest Millionaire).  He's moving all around because he hadn't figured out how to do the dance while staying in the same place.  He's going slower because he was really concentrating on remembering the words and choreography.  I adore this video because THIS is life in a big family.  It's late.  George is totally zonked out on the coach.  Abe is walking around turning off the lights because he's tired and wants to go to bed.  Cannon just dances right past the laundry basket on the kitchen floor.  Abe and Clark are walking around paying absolutely no attention to the kid who is singing and dancing his little heart out.
Life just keeps on moving and sometimes the attention is on you and sometimes it's on others.  You just keep doing your thing and then we all come together to celebrate one another's accomplishments.



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