Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Civil War Camp 2017

Cannon and Faith were so happy to be going for a second year so they were Corporals rather than lowly Privates.
Cannon and Anders breaking down their tent after the final battle.
The final battle was rather short this year and the North annihilated the South.
They were twinners on Sunday.  There aren't words enough for how much I love this picture.
Two little sleepy heads at church.
I love to watch how Abe looks at Greta while he holds her while she sleeps at church.  He has spent so many hours holding sleeping babies at church over the past 18 years.  It's like he's just trying to soak in the final Fox baby.
It shouldn't have been surprising that George salvaged Sacrament water cups for later use.
Clark is now employed at Subway.  He loves it.  He says the working conditions are markedly more humane than Papa Murphy's.  At least he gets a good lunch everyday.
Clark and Kara were the homeschool graduates of our neighborhood this year.  They will both be heading to UVU.  Our families gathered for a BBQ to celebrate!
Brothers against brothers.  Fox vs. Johansen.
This one went to the Johansens.
George is pretty excited to be taking soccer lessons from the best soccer player we know.  Anders, a great friend of our family, is 11 years old and a better player than anyone in our family can ever hope to be.  Best $5 an hour I'll ever spend!

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