Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dancing Through Life

Cannon has been taking dance classes at Wasatch Arts Center for a couple of years and we really, really like the studio.  Great choreography, great teachers, great costumes.  He has thrived there.  He has taken tap and hip-hop for the two years and just this year he added ballet class as well.  Of the three classes, his favorite is ballet.
He has taken to it quite naturally and every time I've seen him perform I cannot wipe the smile from my face.  It's one of the highlights of parenthood---seeing your children develop their talents and do something they love.
Here is the video of his ballet dance.  It's a little blurry right at first but it clears up.

So what do you do with a nine year old boy who loves ballet?  Maybe he'll stay at the studio he's with, but I wanted to explore our options.
I called up Ballet West--- arranged a placement class and now he has finished two of eight days of a children's workshop over the next two weeks.
He's loving it so far... even if he did get quite a giggle out of putting on the "very comfortable" boys ballet tights.
It is pretty exciting to see him take this step.  We haven't decided for sure where he will dance in the fall.  It will depend, in large part, if he can get financial aid/scholarship to Ballet West.  It does cost a pretty penny.
 He also really enjoys tap dance.  Here's the video.

George decided to join Cannon in the Boys Hip Hop class.  I don't know if it was because he really wanted to dance or he saw that Cannon got a cool clothes for his costume.  Either way, George was actually quite good (in my own humble maternal opinion).
There were some VERY RUDE people who trapsed towards their seats right in the middle of the performance.  Heck hath no fury like the mother who doesn't get to see her boys dance!  I thought I was going to lose it... and if you listen carefully you can hear mean yell-whisper, "SIT DOWN!"
Nevertheless, you can see them alright in the video.  Cannon is front center and George is front right.

Action shot of Cannon
George was fascinated to see that his middle name was imprinted all over his costume.  When asked if he wants to do hip hop next year, George responded, "Will I get more cool clothes?"

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