Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 7, 2017

George has been working on getting this tooth out for weeks!  He even recited a poem for our book club poetry recitation night about it.
I jiggled it, jaggled it, jerked it
I pushed it, pulled it, poked it
But when I stopped and left it alone
This tooth came out on it's very own.
That's pretty much how it went down.  As I returned from my morning walk, George ran out to tell me the good news!  And it was about time, because the adult tooth is half way in behind it already.
I almost can't stand the cuteness.  Faith and Cannon and Anders, Hayden, and Matthieu are spending three days at History Civil War camp this week.  They are in heaven.  I'll post pictures after the final battle tomorrow.
While it is true that this picture is a fairly accurate depiction of the general temperaments of these two little sweeties, Peter has had a very good couple of weeks and has been downright agreeable and pleasant.  Progress!  Of course, several times he did yell, "Your fault, Mom!  You making me sadder!"  But at least he was speaking and not just screaming.
Bethany and cousins spent the day at Lagoon yesterday.
They had a blast!
We hosted a Cub Scout pack meeting in our backyard last evening.  We roasted hot dogs and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Abe is the CubMaster and he did a lot of work to get the backyard "company ready".
 Peter really liked roasting hot dogs and I liked doing it in the comfort and safety of the backyard.  I'm boring that way.
Cannon had to leave Civil War camp 2 hours early to make it to his dance dress rehearsal, and then to rush home to Pack meeting.  Understandably, he was hard to wake up this morning.
Cuteness overload!
I love the vibrant colors and her crazy hair and her two little bottom teeth.
They well may be my two favorite people on the planet.
Elinor had a Prototype X  event at the Leonardo recently and she enjoyed getting to drive the robot around.  Robot chicks are awesome!
I love the mask that Faith made for Peter to wear with his new Batman pajamas.
Those abdominal graphics are pretty realistic.  Can I get some shirts with some printed on abs for me?  
That's a good looking kite flier!
It's hard to hold on to a kite that high!
Sir George and his Dragonfish kite!

And a yummy little swimmer!
Rub-a-ding-ding, three boys on a swing.
Sorry, that was bad poetry.  Can you really even call that poetry?
Clark took himself fishing this morning and caught this good-sized catfish.
He also recently got himself a new job at Subway.  So now we'll look forward to discounts at Papa Murphy's through Bethany and Subway through Clark.  Which others of our children can we hire out to help feed this family?
Clark and Bethany on a recent temple trip.  
A couple weeks back Faith had her spring tumbling recital.
Here's the video.  When they begin she is about 6 girls in from the left.   Good luck finding her after that!
Peter and George have been big into fort building lately.  The fort in this picture is the colorful playset and chicken wire-- not the big pile of branches behind it.  
Our cottonwood tree out front is halfway dead and little by little Abe is taking it down. Sadness.
Inspired by his cousin Samuel a few months back, George gets a manicure.

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