Thursday, June 1, 2017

Space Camp Birthday

It just might be the most elaborate birthday party we've ever, or will ever pull off.
Cannon turned nine and Clark masterminded a Space Camp Adventure he won't soon forget!

Back when Clark was about twelve years old, he and his friends loved going to Space Camp down in Pleasant Grove.  As part of a school down there they have several simulators and missions you can take part in and it's basically pretending you're in a Star Trek Episode.  Clark created his own Spaceship simulator in our basement--- "Po Boy Space Camp".  As he grew up, he moved onto other interests, but his love of Space Camp was merely dormant for the last few years.  It sprang back to life with a fury at the mention of creating a galactic space adventure for Cannon's birthday.
Two weeks and many, many hours later our family room was transformed into the USS Viper and a mission was successfully completed!
Clark, Ben Grant, and Elinor were mission control-- it involved six laptop computers, a Google slide program, a microphone, sound effects, manning red alert lights and watching for correct codes from the crew of the ship.
Clark had a little slit cut in the black tablecloth so he could look down into the ship to see what was going on.
 I don't want to brag or anything... whatever!  I totally want to brag!  I MADE THESE UNIFORMS!  And I didn't sew a single stitch!  And I didn't get the idea from Pinterest!
WHAT?  Where is Betsy and what have you done with her???
I know.  I know.  It is is shocking.
Did you know there is such a thing as spray adhesive?  How have I never heard of this before?
Commander Clark gave the senior crew of the USS Viper their mission briefing.
They were assigned their roles and given their uniforms.  They were serious at this point, having been told death was a very real possibility if they did not perform their responsibilities.  Nobody wanted to be the guy who let the crew down.
Captain-- Cannon
1st Officer-- Anders
Pilot-- Ryder
Tactical-- Joey
Communications-- Faith
Engineer-- Stevie
Operations-- George
Security-- Jake and Ryan
Damage Control-- Hayden
The Security guards were the first to board the ship.
Elinor helped the crew find their seats and acclimate them to the ship.
I teach a lot of these boys piano lessons, and I lead the music in Primary and church, and I am the Wolf Den leader for Cub Scouts... and I have NEVER seen them this focused and attentive... ever.  It was a beautiful thing.
One by one they went through the teleporter.  Here they are saluting the captain as he was the last to come on board.
Each crew member had their own instructions and codes to be entered into the ship's computer to perform the tasks specific to their role.  
Captain Cannon was a good captain.  Loud, but good.
Anxious to begin.
Our engineer was very quick with his codes.
Something was very concerning to the Captain.  You can tell from his facial expression, but also the red alert light is on rather than the green lights.  George appears to be concerned as well.
They might be reading a message up on the big screen from a ship the communications officer has hailed.
Clark's character was the ships main engineer name "Huey".  His microphone was hooked into the main screen and they could yell out to talk with him and ask him questions.
As operations officer, George's responsibilities included beaming people or items onto the ship.
Alien invaders (Bethany and I) attacked the ship and security protected the Bridge with a laser gun battle.
Ooh, we look so scary!
Finding protection during a ship battle.
Joey was a spectacular Tactical Officer-- firing Photon Torpedoes faster than the ship's computer could handle them.  He also helped Captain Cannon exercise judgment in how quickly to fire the ship's 5 X-Torpedoes.
There was time while they were flying through the galaxy when the crew could properly celebrate the Captain's birthday.  Cake and ice cream and presents.  These moments were short and sweet and usually interrupted by some sort of alert from Huey.
Star Wars Legos were very appropriate! 
This is no time to smile for a picture.
Happy 9th Birthday, Cannon!  
Mission accomplished!
Video from the mission.  

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