Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer is HERE!

There were some very good things happening in our home school this year, but homeschooling with a new baby and a toddler can be rough!  I should know... I've done it few times.  In a nutshell, we didn't move along as quickly with our work as I would have liked and consequently we have some work we'll be doing over the summer.  But it is HARD to do school work when you just want to play and relax.  Hopefully we'll be doing a little of both this summer-- playing and working that is.
It made me very happy to see these boys catching snakes at the same park in Draper where Clark and friends used to catch snakes.
Speaking of snake catching-- Clark caught this little beauty up in the hills behind Herriman.  He's been doing a lot of hiking during his time off.  He's turned his hiking hobby into a money making scheme.  He catches lots of little brown lizards and sells them on KSL Classifieds.  It's the perfect part-time job for him!
Summer late night game nights with friends are so loud but so good.
We stayed up WAAAY too late the other night playing Puerto Rico.  It's been several years since Abe and I have played this game because we found it wasn't good for our marriage (meaning Abe always beat me and it ticked me off).  But some time has passed.  We've matured. Oh, and I beat him Saturday night.  You can imagine how gracious I was... well, at least I tried to be gracious.
We got a new pet this weekend---  a little kitty.  You may remember our Christmas kitty passed away a few months back.  We don't know what happened to her and it was so sad.  We really liked having a cat, so we're trying it again.  This little kitty came from the Schramm's mommy cat.  Our kitty was her only surviving kitten.
She's so little and so cute.  Her name is McLupe.  Legend has it, she has a Mexican father and an Irish mother.  Or is it the other way around?  Anyway, McLupe-- or Mikki for short.
Faith has hardly put her down.
And in other exciting news-- Clark graduated from Seminary on Sunday.  He has officially graduated from  something!   He doesn't feel graduating from homeschool is worth much.  He says it doesn't mean anything.
WHATEVER!  He's into college with a scholarship, so whatever being done with homeschool means or doesn't mean to him... IT WORKED!
Okay, I suppose I was a little overexcited to see my first baby walk across a stage and get a diploma!
 Clark and Kara were the two homechool graduates from our ward this year.  But at least she will let her mother give her a diploma.
Favorite picture of the week:  Clark holding a little bow-tie froggy Peter.
Oh, how I'd like to press pause on life right now.
I choose two favorite pictures this week.

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