Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Galaxy is Safe Once Again

It wasn't a funeral.  
Nobody had died...
Why is everyone wearing black?  (Clark hadn't changed yet)
We had gone to way too much work to only do one space mission for Cannon's birthday.  And besides, not all of the family got to participate at his birthday party.  No, no, no.  That just wouldn't do.  We invited the Schramm Fam over for another space mission Clark dreamed up and slaved away creating.
Oh my! It would appear that George hates the Universe.
Absolute best moment of the night was when Kate got assigned to be "Assistant Tactical" with her mom.  She was beyond thrilled.
In hindsight, the assignment proved cataclysmic.
Clark was the mastermind, but he couldn't have done it without Elinor, who is the best, most patient, unselfish support person you could ask for.  
Knowing Camille and her love of firearms, it was a no-brainer that she be in charge of the firepower.  Keith was 1st officer and I must say he was an exceedingly calm voice of reason for the more trigger-happy among us.
From the left:  Damage Control, Communications, Operations and Science Officer.
Cannon was Engineer and George and Hayden were Security Officers.
Abe was the Captain.  And... I don't know... how shall I say this... ... I expected a little more.  He made a critical error.  Under Kate's guidance they shot a Photon Torpedo straight into a solar flare coming from the sun.  
I don't know what they thought would happen.  
Death happened.   The ship went silent.  All screens went black.  "Are we dead?"  "Is this heaven?"
Enter the demented polka music that confirmed we had failed our mission.
Fortunately the Galaxy is forgiving and we were given a second chance to succeed.  
The Schramms are smart people.  Frankly, I wasn't entirely sure what was happening most of the time.
No matter.  I was the pilot and I did successfully enter into the ship's main computer the coordinates of whatever star system we were headed for.  Go me.
These were my warp speed options.  If you've ever played Rook with me, you'd know I'd favor Warp speed 8.  I sort of like high risk games where there is no actual risk to me or my loved ones.
There I am, entering in my coordinates with such precision.
We felt very secure with this security team.
I guess selfies are still a thing a few hundred years in space future.  

Sadly, the space simulator in our family room has been dismantled.  However, all the necessary parts are stored away neatly for the next time our creative juices start flowing.

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