Friday, July 7, 2017

The Parade 2017

For our family, it is a highly anticipated event every summer-- our city's 3rd of July parade.  It's always the evening before the 4th and this year we enjoyed the company of my sister's family and my brother's family.  An already enjoyable activity is made so much better with good company!
We sit in the shade, we eat popsicles, and the kids scramble for candy thrown from the parade.  It's just fun.  I love that the boys dressed themselves patriotically for the occasion.
Clark and Abe both worked during the day and they hustled home to be with us for the parade.  Actually, Abe does a lot to make the parade so pleasant for us-- he set up the tent and loaded the coolers full of popsicles.  He loves popsicles far more than a grown man should!
One year before I was very great with child-- Greta was only 10 days away from being born.  What a difference a year makes!
Maiyah, Eli, George, and Emi sampling the popsicles.
Chip confessed to me he did not love parades.  While this was shocking to me, I hope the comfortable accommodations softened his grinchy parade heart.
Mostly they just throw salt water taffy-- which none of our kids like-- but the thrill of the hunt and the collecting!!  And then I get the thrill of throwing junk away-- it's a win/win!
It was good of Peter to share one of the green popsicles with Greta-- he's pretty possessive of them.
Looks like Cannon had one too many popsicles.
Greta was pretty happy when Clark showed up!  I was pretty happy as well.  I sort of like having the whole family together.
And I really sort of like this guy.
After the parade we all went back to our house.  Cousins played outside and the adults played "Liar's Dice".  How have we not introduced this game to my family sooner?  I see another game night in our near future.
It doesn't take much to entertain a group of kids.  A little bit of fire and danger goes a long way.
Bethany helping Peter with his sparkler.
One of our family's favorite fireworks is the "Piccolo Pete".  It's a very loud, high squealing noisemaker.  We didn't have any this year, but it turns out that our children can mimic the pitch and volume of the "Piccolo Pete" perfectly.  It's one of our gifts.  We took about 30 seconds to let our own little Piccolo Pete's loose on our street.
Notice most of us are plugging our ears!
What a good daddy!

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