Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fox Hill Soothes the Soul

This isn't an easy group to wrangle for a picture, so I consider this picture a sort of miracle.  Fox Hill is a magical place where the troubles of life fade away and you feel loved and safe.  As much fun as the swimming and roller skating and boating and amusement park were, the absolute best and most enjoyable part of any family reunion is hanging out at Fox Hill. 
Riding 4-wheelers with Dad is tradition.
Greta loved the baby swing.  You can see her delight, but there was a high-pitched squeal of delight to go with that face!
These were taken the last evening of the reunion.
The views around the entire hill are amazing.  Are you wondering what I'm looking at?
Kites!  Some of the cousins were having a kite flying festival atop the hill.
I think this was Elinor's favorite moment of the the whole week.
Grandpa Fox had these pioneer handcarts in the shed.  Grandma Fox wanted a picture with grandchildren in the handcarts. 
So let it be spoken!
This is why Uncle Abe is so beloved!
This golf cart is in constant use anytime the family is up at the Hill.  I'm surprised it is still functional!  I swear it is more reliable than any of our actual cars.  We need more golf cart technology!
We love Grandma Fox.
I've always thought Faith and Bethany look an awful lot alike.  But as Faith is getting older she is looking even more like Bethany.  Occasionally I see Faith sleeping from a distance and I think it is Bethany.  
One more just because happy babies in swings are my favorite!

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