Saturday, August 5, 2017

Silverwood 2017

Silverwood is a theme park near Spokane that is comparable to Lagoon, except that it's a little bit smaller and lot bit cleaner, shadier, and nicer.  It was a most pleasant enjoyable day.
Asher, Calvin, George and Peter.  Once again, it's sad what a hard time the Fox family has with self-expression.
Peter was remarkably brave on some pretty big rides.  Lucky for him, he's a tall two year old so he could go on lots of kid rides.
We gather for lunch at a pavilion for an all-you-can-eat pulled bbq pork annd hot dog lunch.  I don't know if I just get really hungry at Silverwood, but it is seriously the best lunch!  I love it.  I'm craving it right now.
Phil, Jesse, and Abe.  "The Three Musketeers".
And here are the sons of the Three Musketeers!  Asher (Jesse's), Calvin (Phil's), and George (Abe's).
I recognize that my poor horse looks disturbingly overburdened.  I feel badly about that.  But Greta really enjoyed the merry-go-round and had a huge smile on her face for the whole ride.  So it was worth the abuse to that poor animal.
Uncle Jesse, the photo bomber!  A group of us went on the Old West train ride together.  Silverwood has a top-notch train ride with a train robbery and a little theatrical scene about half-way through. Should you ever make your way to Silverwood, it is a must.
See? Can't you sense how much fun the children are having?
I'm telling you, THEY LOVED IT!  Couldn't get enough!
The last time I went on this train ride I was very very pregnant with Peter.  The rest of my family had gone with the extended family to Silverwood, but I had opted to stay back up at the hill, for fear my pelvic floor would give way and I'd give birth at Silverwood. 
But then, Lo and Behold!  Matt and Misty (my brother and sister-in-law's family) had come over from Vancouver, Washington and were at Silverwood that very day!  There were enough Foxes running around that they made the connection and called to tell me.  I was so anxious to see them that I asked Dad Fox if he would drive me out to Silverwood.  He had planned to go later in the day but he left earlier than planned so I could be there.  We had a really nice talk on the way out there and it is one of my fondest memories with him.  The first thing we did when we got there was to get on the train so I could rest and recover from the long walk from the parking lot into the park.  It's not actually that long of a walk, but it sure felt like it.
John, Cannon, and Braxton.  
This was one of the only pictures we got of the older crowd-- they were off adventuring all day and were not to be disturbed for photographs.  One cool thing is three of the kids in the picture flew out of Spokane that very night, heading to Mozambique, Africa where their family was being stationed with the State Department.  They are 2nd cousins, but to the Fox cousins they are beloved as much as 1st cousins.
Thanks, Silverwood!  Till next time!

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