Monday, August 7, 2017

Singin' in the Rain

Last week was PLAY WEEK!!!!! It's only one of the most eagerly anticipated weeks of the entire summer for our family.  Bluffdale Arts produces a play each summer that is cast with teens and young adults and my kids L-O-V-E them.
This summer was Singin' in the Rain and it was so delightful!  We were in Spokane the week before and we hustled home so Clark, Bethany, Elinor, and Cannon could be there for the dress rehearsals Monday through Wednesday and then performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Clark had his biggest role in one of these shows yet-- R.F. Simpson-- the head of the studio.  He did a fantastic job with a lot of energy and great timing.  Bethany was ensemble, a tapper, and Lina Limont's hairdresser.  Elinor was ensemble, getting to sing and dance in several fun numbers.  And Cannon was thrilled to get in on the teen play by getting the part of the young Don Lockwood.  He got to tap dance and get thrown out of bar.  He was pretty happy!
Here are Cannon and Tommy as Don and Cosmo.  Tommy's older brother played the grown Cosmo.  His mom and I thought how awesome it would be, 12 years from now, if these two boys are home from their missions and they could be Don and Cosmo again!
These plays have been really wonderful experiences for Clark and for our whole family.  He has improved on stage so much.  
So lovely!  I just can't get over how much I enjoy watching these plays.  Laura Garner, the director, takes these kids, many of whom have little to no experience with the theater and she brings such goodness and performance out of them.  It is a very positive, uplifting environment that is understanding of families and maintains high standards.  
Other families must see the goodness too, because a couple other families from our book club joined in the fun this time around.
... and robotics friends.  So not only did we delight in watching our own children on stage, but to see so many kids we have seen grown up was almost enough to bring me to tears of joy!
Cannon performed at the very beginning of the play and then he came and sat and watched the rest of the show with us. He liked sitting with his good buddy, Anders.
The kids were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa come and watch the show.
My loves.
Elinor and ensemble friends taking their bow at the end.
Bethany and the tappers taking their bow.  Bethany is 4th in from the left.  
Elinor and McKinley are the same age, but they were probably the tallest and shortest girls in the whole cast. 
Bethany was so happy to see her twin cousins after the play.
The ending pose of Don and Cosmo's dance.  Cannon just ate it up!
The cast backstage before the final performance.  I'm filled with gratitude for these opportunities for our family to make great friends and do something we enjoy so much.

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