Saturday, August 5, 2017

Spokane 2017 Begins

A couple of weeks back I went to New York.  It was glorious.  I often noted in my mind, "This is so awesome!  Who lives like this?"
A week later the ten of us packed up and headed to Spokane, Washington for our annual Fox Family Reunion.  It too was awesome!  And once again, I thought, "Who is lucky enough to actually live like this?"
I guess we are!  A family talent show, cousins playing for hours and hours on end, aunts and uncles talking, swimming, boating, roller skating.  60+ family members thoroughly enjoying one another's company with genuine good feelings towards one another.  We feel very blessed to be a part of such a remarkable family.
This was the first reunion without Abe's dad, Jim Fox, who passed away unexpectedly last September.  I really missed talking with him.  I always felt very loved, encouraged and appreciated by him.  We are so glad to still have Grandma Fox!
Cousins swimming in the hotel pool.  
Another picture of Grandma.  I love to see Abe and his mom together.  He loves her so much and they have a lot of similarities.  I think she is why he is so kind and good and detailed and visionary.
Strike a pose with your old school roller skates, Pete!
Renting out Roller Valley for a couple of hours is a favorite activity for the family.  
George was determined to do it all by himself this year and he DID!  He is a roller skater now!
The same cannot be said for this one.  Age has not improved his comfort level when his feet are not firmly planted on the ground.  He slowly, painfully and quite awkwardly made his way once around the rink and that was it.  He has so many gifts... but skating is not one of them.  That's okay.
Greta loved the breeze in her hair as we strolled her around the rink.
A little limbo action.
George and Asher.
There were 10 pizzas that disappeared faster than they arrived.
Tiffany is holding her first grandbaby.  I'm holding my last baby.  The next generation of babies are starting to come.  I've referred to the last babies of our generation as the stragglers!  It is fun to see the generations crossing.
Ellori, Kyli, Lori, and Greta!
Driving the golf cart on the hill is super fun.  Remarkably, no grandchild has run over another grandchild (to my knowledge at least).  
The youth temple trip is another tradition that Grandpa Fox always organized and loved.  I was glad the teens were able to go again at this reunion. 
Everett, Gentri, Elinor, and Mason.
Bethany, Julia, Ruth, Lauryn, Lindsey, and Kyli.
The Fox family talent show is a much looked forward to event!  There is a delightfully wide range of talents exhibited.  George's first public performance on the violin.  Bethany is his teacher.
Bethany and Elinor performed "Rather Be" on violin and piano.
Cannon is loaded with talent.  He sings, he dances, he plays piano.
But he decided to crack his whip for the talent show.  That was good too, but we had to clear a pretty wide circumference and I think Grandma thought Cannon might hit her.
Cousin Sophie caught a snake shortly before Clark arrived in Spokane and then spent the rest of the reunion searching for Clark to talk to and hunt for more snakes.  They were adorable together!  Clark helped Sophie with her talent-- showing off a snake they caught together!
Nine years ago Mama Mia was in the theaters.  The moms went to go see it and laughed and had a wickedly fun time together.  The idea was born that night to work up a number for the talent show.  
We had too much fun choreographing a lipsync!
Our little girls loved our accessories and thought their moms were something special!
Bethany is on the far right.
Nine years later, the girls surprised the family with a Mama Mia revival!
SO MUCH FUN!  They were adorable and we thought they were pretty special!
I will only say that a Mama Mia sequel is planned for release next summer.  I'm pretty sure the moms will go see it and there will be another performance! 
The talent show was followed by a family dance party on the lawn.  
Cannon and George were showing off their hip hop moves.
"Row! Row! Row!"
Baby girl finally conked out on her Daddy during the dance party.
It was a really, really good first day and a half in Spokane.  We all slept well throughout the reunion.

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