Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bake the Chicken Pie

Abe and the the kids went over to clean the church this morning at 8:00 am. Abe gave them a score of about 6.5 out of 10 for helpfulness and overall pleasantness. I don't know what he expected, but his favorite line was from Bethany as she was grudgingly checking under all the hymnals in the chapel for trash, "But Dad, you don't know how boring lifting up hymn books is!"
They came home and Abe and I were organizing our bedroom a little bit while the kids were playing/wrestling downstairs with blankets and pillows (one of their most favorite activities). For a little while it seemed they were having great fun. I said to Abe, "I give them about another three minutes before someone is crying". Sure enough Elinor comes upstairs crying:
Me: What's wrong?
Elinor: Clark and Bethany are being mean to me (Lots of crying)
Me: Why?
Elinor: They were making me be a chicken pie! (A LOT of crying)
Me: What? How were they making you be a chicken pie?
Elinor: We were playing "Bake the chicken pie" (crying)
Me: Oh, I'm sorry. That sounds like a pretty dangerous game
Abe: It sounds like it might be a bit like "peanut butter sandwich". Food games can be very dangerous.
Elinor: NOOO-- I would like to be in a peanut butter sandwich, but not the chicken pie. (more crying)
This is not pick on Elinor day, but this is Clark's playdough sculpture of Elinor. He had her pose for it and everything. We all praised how wonderful it was and nobody seemed upset by it so that is good.
Here is Faith with her favorite cousin Takara (Brig and Dev's daughter). We got to babysit Takara for a few hours on Monday. The funniest part of the morning was Takara dropping her bottle on the kitchen floor and and laughing hysterically while Elinor picked it up--50 times (at least!). The kids got such a kick out it. I'm sure Brig will really appreciate us encouraging that trick!
Faith and Cannon. She LOVES Cannon and wants to hold him a lot. Cannon is usually a good sport for about 30 seconds. He has on his bib here because he is serious drooler!!

Knights of Freedom was on Wednesday. Clark really likes having it at our house. I do to. Somehow it seems easier to have 13 boys come over to my house for 3 hours that to gather my people and go somewhere else. This was one of the boys activities where they boys had balloons tied to their legs and they ran around trying to pop each other's balloons. I thought it looked like an achilles tendon accident waiting to happen, but no one got hurt and they had a blast. Go to for more pictures and info.
Friday is Spanish Class with Grandpa Cannon! My dad has so kindly agreed to come on Fridays for our Spanish lessons. The kids had a great time. Grandpa was a very good teacher. We went through the alphabet and colors and some insects. He showed us some good websites where we can go to practice. We have an assignment for this week. We're going to memorize the alphabet and the colors. Clark and Bethany were very good pupils trying to write down lots of the words we talked about.

Abe and I went on a date last night. We got some dinner and then did the very most romantic activity I could think of. We went grocery shopping. I'm not kidding that is a VERY romantic activity. Going to the grocery store with Abe. Talking as we putter through the aisles, no one asking for anything (unless you count Abe and the sugar cereals). The funny thing is, years ago when I was a freshman in college my roommate Katie and I offered to watch my Aunt and Uncle's kids while they went on a date. They went grocery shopping and I couldn't understand then, why they didn't go do something really fun-- they just went grocery shopping! They seemed very satisfied with the evening's activity of grocery shopping. Now I see.

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Mothership said...

While I agree that going grocery shopping without kids is a blast, going with the husband is expensive! He is worse than the kids at putting random things in the cart.

Our favorite date is the book store. So quiet.