Sunday, November 23, 2008

Family happenings

Friday night was our Liberty Girls Family Night. The girls all had little parts they shared about the Civil War and slavery. Then they each did a talent. There are more pictures on our Liberty Girls blog-

Elinor recited a poem and Bethany showed her splits.

Clark with Master Kim after receiving his red belt. He usually goes to Tae Kwon Do twice a week. He use to test for a new belt every 2 months, but now that he is in higher belts it will be another four months before he goes to senior red. Then four months till red/black, then 1 year before he can test for his black belt. Many of you know that Master Kim is in our ward. We didn't know that until after we bought this house. You never shake hands with Master Kim at church, but we do bow to him even at church!

We enjoyed watching half of the BYU/Utah game. Literally we could only watch half of it. Our Comcast was out for the first half. Apparently Comcast was out for most of Riverton. Yikes, of all the hours of the whole year for the cable to be out-- during the BYU/Utah game. They were getting some pretty nasty phone calls I bet.

On a sad note, we had really sick kiddies today. Poor Elinor just threw up all night and day today. Then this afternoon Faith started throwing up too. No fun for anyone.

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Amy Fox said...

Julia is so excited that she can do the splits, just like Bethany! We'll have to get a picture of them doing it together. :) Poor sick little girls! That is a cute throw-up bowl though.