Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween is for the children!
Okay, so we kind of like Halloween too. I know it is hard to tell. We all were vampires. I like to call this picture of Abe and I our "Edward and Bella" shot. I don't think vampires are suppose to be beautiful!

Clark: good, correct emotion

Elinor: sorry, too happy

Bethany: you just look sick

As Faith's cute little friends came to the door dressed in princess costumes, I felt a little bad making my sweetie, two-year old into a heinous vampire, but she seemed okay with it. Still, I like her cutie pose in this picture with the kids.

Here we are just before the trick-or-treating began. Some have asked why Cannon wasn't dressed in black as well. I tried to be clever and say he was my snack for later, but the truth is I, uh, forgot to dress him up. I know, I know, he'll be scarred for life or something because his mother didn't dress him up for his first Halloween.

Abe pounded the pavement with the little vampires. I think he quite enjoyed himself as well! Faith did a solid block and then she was brought home while the older kids continued on. We had a very light sprinkle off and on during the evening.

And this is what I did all night. It really wasn't cold so Cannon and I sat on the front porch welcoming the trick-or-treaters with a low, "Good evening!" The older kids either thought I was pretty cool or pretty dorky (it's a fine line), but I'm afraid I really frightened a few little ones. If they looked particularly disturbed I would take out my teeth and show them that they were fake. Fortunately we were able to avoid any tears.

We really like all going in some sort of theme with our costumes. The last couple of years Clark and Bethany have thought about doing something different, which of course they would be free to do, but Abe brought home vampire teeth one day and that settled it. We dug through dress ups, past costumes, and closets for all black clothes. Elinor's was my favorite. She was wearing a Darth Vader costume from a couple years ago turned inside out. Way to be resourceful!

I was the make-up artist and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself-- and I do.


henryteachers said...

You guys rock Betsy! I absolutely loved your vampire pics, they made me laugh, I just love your expressions. You sure know how to have fun on Halloween.

Matt and Misty said...

These pictures are classic! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. However I have to disagree with you on the whole Edward and Bella thing. Edward is a good vampire who is perfect in every look more like his evil relatives. ha ha. Love you guys.

D & J Moyes said...

Seriously a little disturbing....I am so proud of you! You guys looked great!

Vanessa said...

bethany told me cannon was your prey!!

fox family said...

You guys are so AWESOME! I laughed through this entire post! Every caption on every photo! I so wish we could live closer to one another. You guys are pretty cool. Great theme, great makeup, great times!

Mary Ellen said...

Man you guys really would have put us to shame! I threw on a witches hat and Baden was a Taco Time employee! :) Cute pictures