Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas Eve dinner! It was delicious and the company was fantastic. It was sweet to remember my mom as we used her much loved Christmas dishes. In front of each place setting is an English Christmas cracker. As you pull them apart there is a delightful popping/cracking sound and inside is a little toy prize and a colorful paper crown (later used by the wise-men in the program).

Elinor was the all purpose angel for the pagaent. Please notice her costume made from a white garbage bag!
Clark and Bethany share a peaceful moment as Mary and Joseph.

Cannon starring as the baby Jesus.

Abe, Matt and Dev as the Wise-Men.

Christmas Morning!!!! The kids didn't wake until about 7am, which I really appreciated! We gathered in our room and called Uncle Matt and Aunt Misty, who were staying at Brig's house. They wanted to be there to see the kids open gifts. We moved across the hall to the girls room where we could look out the window to see them come.

Faith received this My Little Pony baby from Clark and I think it was her favorite present. Faith was really funny when she opened a present. She would get a really serious look on her face and we couldn't quite tell if she liked it or not. She would kind of purse her lips like she was afraid to have such a wonderful thing.

Elinor was in Polly Pocket heaven this Christmas and Bethany was in Littlest Pet Shop heaven. I enjoyed watching Mama Mia!

Clark shows off his stash. He has enjoyed his microscope and new lego set.

Cannon got a new blankie I made him.

BUT--- the really fun thing has been the Wii. Yes. We have succumbed and allowed Santa to bring us a Wii. That is fun.

BUT--- the really really fun thing was what Matt and Misty gave our family. ROCK BAND! Now that is really really fun. We've been having a blast.

Chip and Misty rock out.

Clark has been practicing and getting pretty good on the drums. The girls look like his fans in this picture!

Bethany and Faith set up a little tea party for themselves.


Katie Fox said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas, I am a little jealous. We didn't want to brave any weather so we have a very quiet Christmas at home. I am glad you enjoyed yourselves. Also the Wii rocks, we love ours, hope you love yours as well. Merry Christmas

Abe Fox said... Rocks.....and Rock Band especially Rocks!!

Jenn and Family said...

Ryan broke down & told everyone he was buying the Wii for Jenn....since I begged for a couple months.....the funny thing is that Ryan now plays the Wii about 2 hours a night & Jenn plays it about 2 nights a week! LOL! Next time you see him, ask him if he is a "pro" at tennis yet? LOL!