Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cream of Crayfish Soup

Cream of Crayfish Soup anyone?
1 lb Crayfish meat
1/4 tsp Celery salt
1 ea Chicken bouillion cube
1 c Boiling water
1 x Dash pepper
1/4 c Chopped onion
1 qt Milk
1 c Butter
1 x Chopped parsley
3 tb Flour
Dissolve boullion cube in water. Cook onion in butter until tender, blend in flour and seasonings. Add milk and bouillion gradually; cook until thick, stirring constantly. Add crayfishmeat, heat. Garnish with parsley.

Where do I begin? Well, our kids usually walk home from church with their friends. They walk past the canal which is drained this time of year. On his way home this past sunday Clark saw lots of catfish in small pools of water and mud. So he was DESPERATE to go catch the fish. I hadn't seen them so I thought surely they would be gone, if there were any to begin with. But Tuesday he came home with two ziplock bags full of catfish and mud. And they were BIG too! There were 15 of them- each 4-8 inches long! Clark quickly filled up the terrium that is currently unoccupied.

Today he took the girls with him and they came home with more catfish and crayfish- which were even more interesting because they didn't have to be in water. Clark found this recipie online so I could make crayfish soup. YUCK!! Most of you know I do not do seafood. PERIOD. Ever--so I think I'll let this be a father/son thing. These crayfish and catfish are probably seriously poisonous. They came from Utah lake- that's where the canal water comes from- and it is not the cleanest lake.

Sometimes I think it is sad to be so removed from nature in a neighborhood, but if there is nature or animal life to be found, Clark will find it.

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Amy Fox said...

I know how it feels to live in a neighborhood with not much wildlife. Whenever I go to a place with lots of wildlife I want to take it home so I can keep it! I thought it was funny about the cream of crayfish soup, that was funny. Alexis