Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I HATE snow clothes

Clark has been planning to build a snow fort since last winter. We have had a pretty good snow here and so all of his focus has been on his master plans for an awesome snow fort/ igloo. . He has drawn them out on paper and worked like mad to get all his school stuff done so he can head out. I like this and encourage such an activity. Here's the problem

I know she looks, cute but a two year old cannot properly dress herself to go outside in freezing cold, snowy weather. First off, Faith changes her clothes about five times a day. Only she doesn't wear regular clothes. She just changes pajamas. I guess they are the easiest to get on and off. Anyway, she has on a nightgown and a very thin wind breaker. (Come to find out later, she had taken off her diaper so she was really unprotected from the elements). The other children who can pretty much get on their own snow stuff (with a little help with pesky gloves and boots) have all joined Clark outside on his quest. Although the girls do remind him, "Clark, you don't OWN the snow!" in a rather whiney sisterly voice. Faith is just working her darndest to join them.
I had to break the news to her that although she had done a good job getting her snow clothes on by herself, she really needed a little help with the final touches. THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! So now the problem was this---

Then there is the aftermath. I shouldn't complain. I do enjoy the few quiet moments when they are all outside playing. However, I do worry that someone will get stuck in the snow fort and suffocate or something. What a dumb thing to worry about.

Clark played in his first Jr. Jazz basketball game last Saturday. He LOVED it! He is the center (he's the tallest on his team). He told us, "I'm probably the worst shooter on the team, but I am the BEST blocker!" It was pretty fun watching his game. Abe and I got surprisingly into it. I did have to remind Abe that as spectators we were just suppose to cheer and not offer advice to the players during the game.


Katie Fox said...

That picture of Faith is so darn cute!

Matt and Misty said...

Every time I see pictures of Faith it makes me want to have a baby. She is the cutest little girl! btw...only one day and a few hours until we leave!!! We are so excited!

KennaBoo said...

I love you guys!! I hope you have a FABULOUS Christmas!!

Laugh and Smile ALWAYS!


D & J Moyes said...

I feel the same way about snow clothes. I really like the few moments of quiet when they all go outside but for my two year old that only lasts like five minutes tops and then then I have to undress her only to hear two minutes later that she wants to go back outside. Then i have to redress her and the cycle continues. Cut pictures though!