Friday, December 12, 2008

"The Legendary"

Here is "The Legendary". That is the name the children gave to the largest of the trash catfish Clark "rescued" from the dried up canal. So, we still have a tank full of catfish and a cooler full of crawdads on the front lawn. What are we going to do with them? I don't know. I guess I keep hoping they will die, but two weeks later they are almost all still alive. Dang, they are durable. Every morning Clark goes out and breaks the ice that's frozen in the tank. Clark was begging to cook one up; so "The Legendary" is no more. Abe said it was pretty gross. I think it was probably poisonous. It sure did make the house stink! Do you get Mom-extra-credit for stuff like this??

Here is Elinor going fishing in the tank. The fish are quite a conversation piece when anyone comes to the door!

There are probably about twenty of these!

Now does this look like two year old girl heaven or what? Faith got into the Ovaltine and was spooning it into her mouth for a while before I wised up. She was QUITE pleased with herself as the pictures show.

Elinor likes to help take care of Cannon. Well, she likes to hold him for about 10 seconds and then yell, "help, I can't hold him anymore!" So helpful!

I don't know if it shows very clearly in this picture, but the girls have created body art on their Care Bears with my sewing pins. It started out as earrings on their stuffed animals, but this was much more exotic. The pink elephant is an Indian Princess!
We had out the sewing stuff because we were working on a blanket for Cannon for Christmas. My dad took Clark exploring around the Jordan River for about 2 1/2 hours so we girls did girly stuff!

What a little cutie (Cannon, not me!) This was taken while we waited for Bethany's violin recital. She did very well. She played The Two Grenadiers by Schumann. Also she and Clark played Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel. Right after the recital we rushed back to our ward Christmas party. We arrived in time to see Santa.

Cannon's first visit with Santa. He was pulling pretty hard on Santa's beard. Do you think he suspects? Faith was so excited when Santa came but it took a couple of times of going by him to be brave enough to sit on his lap. She is asking for a choo-choo train.

Having Santa there reminded me of when Elinor was Faith's age. She was HORRIFIED of Santa. We couldn't even be in the gym when Santa was in there.

We are so happy to have Abe around again. He finished his classes this week. He did a good job getting everything done. We are watching the Matthew Broderick Music Man while I write this. It is good to relax a bit.


Katie Fox said...

tedicrowhat a clever idea with the pins. Faith is such a cutie and so is Cannon. It was good to see you last week, to bad we couldn't chat longer.

D & J Moyes said...

That fish was quite disgusting! I think you should get extra credit for that or wait maybe I need to call social services for letting your children eat it? jk!

Emma said...

Oh my goodness!
Your kids are all so cute!!!

-Emmalyn A. Fox

P.S. Sorry.....:D:D:D

henryteachers said...

Your kids have the best ideas for fun and play! You are a great mom to keep their ideas rolling and encourage it, even if it grosses you out. They will have great childhood memories because of you Betsy!

Mary Ellen said...

Hmmm... definately extra credit! That green fish looks radioactive! Eliza was excited to see Faith with Santa, she calls her "Fay- Fay."