Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mom, Can We Give you a Massage?

Last night Bethany was being very kind and offered to rub my feet before she went to bed. She also knew it would delay bedtime for her, but I didn't care, I wanted my feet rubbed. Clark came down and caught on to the no-going-to-bed tactic so he also offered to rub my feet. Bethany moved on to giving me a head massage. I liked this a lot.
However, the conversation of the children moved on to commenting on different parts of me. The following are actual statements from my children:
"You have really fat, short toes"
"Why are your toenails so crumbly?"
"Mom's head is really greasy"
"You have short prickly hairs all over your legs"
"Whoa, you have a lot of hair in your nose"
So, I wasn't feeling very beautiful at this point. I no longer liked my foot rub. GO TO BED!


Mothership said...

Ha, ha, ha!! Don't we love the little creeps?! (:

D & J Moyes said...

Why do kids have to be so honest all the time? Not that I think your toes are short or you have a lot of nose hair! It just seems that they have no fear to say whatever they are thinking.

By the way when you have a minute could you email me your new address. I am ACTUALLY sending out Christmas cards this year!

Matt and Misty said...

This was the funniest blog. I shared it with Matt and we were busting up! Kids are so honest. Also that is the most adorable picture of Bethany. It captures here true "cuteness". I really do love it.

Vanessa said...

seriously i cringe at the day that that will happen. when I was a nanny it happened all the time but I dont want to hear it from my own kids!! but it will come I am sure :)

Amy Fox said...

I like to stay up late too! Alexis