Saturday, January 31, 2009

It is January

I guess the most exciting thing to happen at our house recently was the discovery of a secret club house. There is a very small crawlspace underneath the stairs down in our basement. Elinor found it, but the entrance to get into it was SO SMALL that Clark was very sad he couldn't join the girls. The next day he decided to go for (try to get in) if Abe and I promised we would call the fire department if he couldn't get out.

This next picture shows the size of hole he got his body through. I was amazed. The excitement of this secret hide-out lasted a good couple of weeks. I didn't realize that they had opened a can of paint and with Bethany's direction had begun the interior decorating of the hide-out. You'd have thought we lived in an old English manor and they had discovered a hundred year old mystery.

The girls all share a room. They seem to enjoy being together most of the time. Bethany is on the top bunk, Elinor on the bottom and Faith has a little toddler bed. Lately they all like to sleep together. I don't know how they ever fall asleep, but they think it is fun.

Here is some really exciting news! My sister, Brigitta gave birth to her second child, a very healthy baby boy! Brigham Dev Chaston. He was 7 lbs 3 oz. and born by C-section. Both baby and mother are doing great. Congratulations!!

Daddy dog pile! It wasn't quite stable enough for Cannon to be on top.

My Girls! Dressed up in dishrags and hot pads! We have probably about 4 big totes of dress up clothes and costumes, but they choose dishrags! Of course their favorite game is "poor girl" so dishrags work well.

Clark makes his own bow and arrow and Robin Hood hat. He got his instructions from the Dangerous Book for Boys we got from the library. He's been very busy with projects this week.

Bethany plays the victim of the bow. We have no shortage of drama around here.

Cannon update: He loves food-- just not baby food. He likes veggie soup, chicken enchilada, pizza, sausage and eggs. All with no teeth! He is army crawling and still not sleeping very well. He is a wiggly little guy!


Ali said...

Love the pic of Abe with the kids! BTW - tell him Happy Belated Birthday! Love you guys! We need to get together soon! Been too long!

Katie Fox said...

looks like you have a fun house. I love picture of Cannon he is just way to cute!

KennaBenna said...

Cannon is SO cute!!!
How are you guys?? :D

Laugh and SMile ALWAYS!

McKenna :D