Saturday, February 21, 2009

A day in the life. . .

This post is for those who may wonder what home school "looks like" at our house. Here is a snapshot or two of some of our more productive activities! Do not let this blog make you feel guilty about anything. I'm just not posting the pictures of us not being productive!!!
Add ImageClark was so sweet to help Elinor do her reading the other day. It was delightful to listen to him helping her sound out words. It wasn't that long ago that Clark was learning (not so happily some days!) to read and now he is helping teach Els. Truth be told, I think they were both really anxious to play to Wii and so Clark figured if he helped Elinor get her school things done they could play sooner. Whatever the reason, I will treasure this picture.

Faith plays with the Math-U-See blocks on the kitchen floor. Please pay no mind to the crumbs of food on the floor. I figure it will get swept up at some point, but we have way more interesting things to do than sweep floors all day!
Faith talks all day long, although we don't understand everything she says. She is really into singing now. Her top hits are the ABC song (with lots of W's) and the Smiley/ Frowny face song from church ("If you chance to meet a frown" over and over again.

Bethany is concentrating on her Math. She started with Math-U-See but prefers the Singapore math workbooks. Bethany has had a real breakthrough with her reading and has been cruising through Magic Tree House books independently. Very exciting.

This is Clark's latest project. We went to some friend's house last weekend and the older boys had an awesome big game called "Heroscape". These boys were very nice to teach Clark the game and he loved it. You move your character around and roll dice to attack and such. I don't fully understand it, but no matter. These boys told us it was pretty expensive to collect all the pieces to really have a fun time playing. Clark, wisely realizing that there was no way he could get the game, came home and decided to make his own "Heroscape" game- homemade dice and all. The kids have had a fantastic time playing his more affordable version!
Who says homeschoolers aren't socialized??? The children who aren't mine are part of a great family in our ward (also homeschoolers) and they had a fun wrestle out on the trampoline.


Matt and Misty said...

Betsy can I just tell you how much I love your guts? I really do! I don't know how you do it all. You are seriously somebody to admire. You are such an amazing mom and person and I just have so much respect for you. I hope one day to be one ounce the person that you are. You ROCK!
P.S. Ummm are you still planning on going on that fun vacation?? I thought you would already be gone by now?

Abe Fox said...
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Abe Fox said...

SHHHHHHHHH.......The kids still do not know.......and we are leaving tomorrow.

Betsy and I have seriously been trying not to slip up and say too much to one another. But we are super excited and can't help it.

And when the kids find out.....YIKES....they are going to GO NUTS!!!

Amy Fox said...

Betsy, I am so glad you posted this. I am homeschooling too, but you inspire me in so many ways. Our girls looked at this and got excited about Bethany reading the Magic Tree House books. We promptly went to the library to check some out and Alexis and Julia are hooked! Julia needs help reading them, but she's wanting to read (yay) and Alexis has read a few already! We just read The Black Stallion together, your kids would love that one!