Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello Friends

Whew! The children are all in bed. Do you have days where it feels like there is not one moment of quiet all day long. Let me think-- was there even one minute? No I don't think so. I am grateful for all of my little people and I do enjoy their company almost all the time, but today the noise level in the house was exceptional. I think I have to blame Faith. What? Blame Faith for anything! You see, she just figured out how to communicate through words. We still don't understand a lot of the words she tries to say, but she just keeps saying them over and over and over again until we guess correctly.
And then there is Cannon! Sheesh! I am not accustomed to babies who move with just purpose so early in life. He is eight months old and I know that isn't particularly early to be crawling, but it's quite early for my lazy babies. And he just wiggles ALL the time! He knows what he wants and he goes for it-- unfortunately it is often the girls hair that he wants.
I'm sorry to complain, but if you are reading this, I assume you are my friend, and so I'm venting to my friends before I go slumber. These blog posts may be kind of boring, but they are quite theraputic to me. That's probably pretty lame.
I'll continue. Elinor has been wearing an old U.S. Army Halloween costume of Clark's for the last two days. I'm sad to say that she even wore the costume when we went to Costco tonight to buy food for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet that is tomorrow night. The tradition in our ward it that the Primary Presidency prepares the food for the banquet. I know--NICE, huh? I didn't want to rock that boat yet! Before we left to go to Costco Abe questioned the appropriateness of such attire out in public. I honestely could not have cared less what she was wearing.
Clark's latest project-- Operation Spider Web. He was kind of bored this afternoon. I reminded him not to be alarmed about the boredom. He was just passing through the land of boredom on his way to his next great idea. Sure enough, the next great idea was to build a huge spider web with string and made a big black spider out of a ski hat and black pipe cleaners. Where does he come up with this stuff????
All right, Friends. Thanks for reading.


Sariah said...

I love your blogs and keeping up with your life! I think you are SUPER AMAZING and someday, I want to grow up and become a little bit more like you!!
Love. Sariah

Mothership said...

I feel the same about my fourth child. She is an angel so much of the time, that I feel bad any time I need to discipline her.

Also, I love the way you handle boredom. Smart mama.

Riley and Krista said...

Besty,you are so fun to listen too! Your kids are adorable and I'm sure you were the absolute perfect mom all throughout the day. Good luck with the blue and gold banquet you really should change that tradition!

Abe Fox said... are the Besty!!!

Sorry, Krista......I couldn't help myself. I have made the very same mistake many times in typing things to Bets.