Monday, May 18, 2009


We have five children and two parents living in three bedrooms. Thanks to bunk beds for the girls and a high loft bed for Clark we make it work. That being said, no one will sleep in their proper bed these days. The weather has taken a turn from quite cool to quite warm, quite suddenly (as it often does here in Utah). The children tell me it is too warm up on their beds. So we have children lying all over the floors and in the hallway upstairs. Even those with lower level beds refuse to lay in them. We learned the term "slop sleep" from cousins. It means to just throw blankets and pillows wherever and sleep. I don't actually care where anyone sleeps or if they are even asleep as long as everyone is quiet and peaceful and not being naughty.

Almost ten year old boys need adventure, right? Clark asked if he could ride his bike the 2 mile round trip to the library today to check out some books. My first thought was no-- too far, you can't go alone. But as a mom I get so tired of hearing myself say no that I decided to say yes. Why not? He took my cell phone in case of emergency, his library card, and $0.85 to pay down the library fine (I usually have standing fine... oops). So he did it and even checked out some princess books for the girls. I was quite proud of him and glad that some need for adventure can be so easily and cheaply met!

I have mentioned our bi-monthly Spanish lessons we do with Grandpa Cannon and when we're lucky we get Grandma Cannon too. Today was a lesson day and it is so enjoyable for us. Grandparents have so much to offer the younger generation. I am grateful to have loving, involved grandparents on both sides of our family. Dad and Bev, if you are reading this--a big thank you for sharing your time and love with us.

I've told the children we've got to keep up our school routine until June, but I don't know if I can keep it up until June! I am seriously looking forward to a summer break. We will keep up a mini-school, but it will be very pared down. Two more weeks. . . I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Maybe.


D & J Moyes said...

I just did the same thing with Maddy recently, not riding her bike to the library but just down to her friends house that is in our neighborhood. I had always felt like it was too far but I decided the other day to just say yes. And of couse it was fine! It is a nice found freedom I think for both of us.

And I would already be on summer break if I could. In fact I kinda am already. I totally kept my kids home from school the other day just because I didn't want to get that bad parenting? I haven't even checked their backpacks in about a week because I AM DONE!!!

henryteachers said...

That is so funny because Janae was just complaining about how hot it was on her top bunk too. Hang in there those last few weeks of school! Too bad my kids are already complaining that we have to go through the summer and their neighborhood friends don't, but I keep reminding them we took the whole month of April off for the baby! Go Clark on his new bike adventure!