Monday, June 29, 2009


We are having a little car trouble with our minivan. It's looking like it is not going to be terribly expensive (thankfully), but we are going on four days with one car that 1. doesn't fit all of us and 2. Abe is driving to work all day.
Hopefully we'll get it back tomorrow. However, I am enjoying being temporarily without a car. It's like when the power goes out. I would NOT like it to be without power long term, but for a few hours it is delightful. You can't do any heavy duty cooking. You play games or read or go to bed. If it is storming outside you get to watch the rain and lightening and trees blowing.
Similarly with no car you don't go anywhere--except on walks to the park. You invite friends to come to you. You relax at home and get into projects. Of course the house is no cleaner since everyone is into projects, but it's a little calmer.


Abe Fox said...

Betsy......I cannot believe I married so well. Your INCREDIBLE attitude about life continues to Amaze me!

Mothership said...

You and I are kindred spirits. I love the "freedom" of having to stay at home. You can't do some things so you get to do others.

Enjoy your messy house! (BTW, we just had to do repairs on our van, too--$500 worth. Cheaper than a car payment, I guess.)