Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Been Fun, but. . .

Today is Thursday and I am now on day six with no car. I previously compared the joy of a brief time with no car to the joy of a brief power outage. I also said that the power outage is only fun for a little while--like until the food starts to spoil in the warm refrigerator.
I think the food is starting to spoil. I am ready to have my wheels back. I'm ready to GET OUT and about again. Boy, you sure do save a lot of money when you NEVER leave the house!
My garage is lonely. It misses its' van. I know what you're thinking-- how can a garage be lonely with so much JUNK in it? Pathetic. I apologize for burning the eyes of my OCD, clean- freak friends.

Are you wondering what we've been doing this week since we haven't been going anywhere? Probably not. But I will share anyway because I am indulging myself right now. I have Wimbledon on in the background and Cannon is sleeping and I'm relaxing.

I have been reading A LOT. As I ignore the goings on of the household the three year old says to me, "Mommmmm, you are reading that too much." Hey, I'm just trying to set a good example! I just finished reading Glenn Beck's Common Sense and Thomas Paine's Common sense. Excellent reading. The result of reading both right before the Fourth of July is that I will probably super- embarrass my family when I openly WEEP at the parade and during the fireworks this weekend. I think we will try to go to a tea party on the 4th.

I have a good friend (hello, good friend!) who recently asked advice on children who fight and argue a lot. My mom used the word "bicker". Hmm, maybe this friend didn't actually ask my advice and I just offered it unsolicited. Oh well. I gave my two cents worth. I advised a summer with NO FRIENDS. They have to just play with each other until they can get along. Call it the "parent-trap school of discipline".
If you've been around our family AT ALL you know that we do have disagreements. I don't know any families that don't but because our kids are around each other so much they do get along quite well and love to play together. I have no problem declaring no-friend days to encourage sibling friendships.
Today Bethany was headed to a friend's house and Faith really wanted to go. I thought back to my childhood and occasionally having to take my little brother out to play and I remember being a real stinker about it. So I asked Bethany if she minded it Faith went with her. I was delighted when she happily consented and helped Faith get dressed to go. This makes a mommy happy-- even a mommy that has been home bound for six days!

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Matt and Misty said...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE reading your blog? I always luagh out loud every time I log on. You crack me up!