Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Day in the Sun

When an adult gets a sunburn I am not very sympathetic.  I want to say, "Have you ever heard of sunscreen?  It's been around for a few years and it is miraculous stuff -- it actually keeps you from getting a sunburn.  Try it." 

And yet, here I sit with a rather uncomfortable sunburn.


I would like to blame these two little cuties, but it's not their fault.
The girls had a morning game and an afternoon game and I did a longer run this afternoon and I didn't think to put on sunscreen for any of it.

Foolish woman.

Oh, but the games were fun.  Their team has lost all four games so far, and not to discourage team spirit and loyalty, but I don't care at all.  I am tickled that these two are reliably hitting and getting on base almost every time they're up to bat.

WARNING:  Obnoxious proud mama moment!
Faith is in the outfield, so she's not seeing much action in the field, but she is rapidly moving up the batting line-up because she keeps hitting.  The coach was a little concerned at the start of the season because she was so small and young, but she's proven she can play with the big girls.
And Elinor is playing 2nd base a lot and got two outs in a row today.  My voice is a little raw from cheering. 

Clark and Co. having their monthly D&D club. 
All those rumors about teenage boys eating a lot... it turns out they are true.  But a few boxes of pizza is a small price to pay for the enjoyment of such an outstanding group of young men. 

Now, you know that I don't know much about D&D, but I have gathered bits and pieces of info about how it works and I know you have a character sheet that gives you all sorts of information about how strong your character is and what they can do and such.  That's the extent of my knowledge.  The sheets are jam packed with numbers that are hard for me to wrap my mind around.  

I appreciated the simplified, but WAY cute character sheets Bethany and Elinor made this week.  I can follow these. 
  Except "Thaco".  I still don't know what that is.  But Rose Ranger has a baby blue dragon and a golden retriever dog.  That makes sense.  200 pieces of gold and 175 pieces of silver.  Good.
I like the category "Back Pack Stuff".  And she obviously has 3 shirts for clothing.  If Clark's D&D club was this simple I think I could figure it out.
Please pay no mind to the spelling mistakes.  We're a work in progress:)
I'm mostly happy with the progress.  And I'm very happy that Bethany and Elinor and even Clark occasionally, will read stories to the younger kids.  It is a source a great sadness to me that I don't read to the little ones as much as I did to the older ones.  I am grateful to the helpers that in many ways help to raise their younger siblings.

The girls and I had a lovely time at the Activity Days Etiquette Dinner this week.  I didn't do a lot to help with the meal or planning the event, but I did come help set up and clean things up at the end. I made note that preparing dinner and cleaning up is downright enjoyable when done with friends who are eager to be as helpful as possible.  Now, if only I can teach this concept to my people-- it could revolutionize dinner time!


Schramm Family said...

Jakob LOVES d&d. It was a crazy weekend but Im glad we got him there. Thanks for all you do!

Gabrielle Kim said...

Okay I just have to stand up for all of the fair (ghostly white) adults out there. I can lather an entire bottle of sunscreen on and I will still get burned, and I like to think I'm not an idiot...most of the time anyways!
I LOVE the "healing poshions" - seems like a wonderful way to spell it!

christini yogini said...

So sweet! Love the spelling, totally charming!