Saturday, April 7, 2012


Abe was a nice daddy and colored Easter eggs with the kids yesterday.  Does he truly enjoy coloring Easter eggs?  Is he an artist at heart and eggs are a cheap medium?  I don't know, but I am so grateful, because I do not enjoy coloring Easter eggs and I am not an artist.  I am so happy to have Abe do this with the kids.
Faith is holding up her finger because she has an owie.  In attempting to peel an apple with a peeler, she accidentally peeled a bit of her finger.  Sadness.
We've been enjoying this beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers.
The flowers aren't actually so fresh, since they are made of paper.  But they are beautiful and colorful and Bethany made them last weekend.  No watering, no dead leaves, and besides a little dust they will last indefinitely.  My kind of flowers!

In other news, Abe has made me a very happy woman this week.  Not that that is so unusual.  I consider myself very fortunate to be married to Abe and I am regularly very happy with him, but this week he started exercising with me!  Hooray!!! He walked with me a couple of times and he ran with me as well.  I've got the endurance and can go for a long time, but for shorter distances he is faster than me so I had to hustle to keep up with him. 

Elinor is a thinker.  Sometimes I fear she may think too much as evidenced by two of her recent questions too me.

"Mom, if you found out I was a mermaid, would you turn me into the scientists?"

(No, I wouldn't tell anyone and I would protect you from the scientists.)

"Mom, do you think I have any fifth cousins that are suffering from cancer?"
(Sadly, you probably do, but I don't know who they are).

Where does she come up with this stuff?


Schramm Family said...

I do not like coloring eggs either. Sadly, daddy doesn't..... we have learned as long as we buy enough candy, our kids don't ask questions.

Mothership said...

I actually enjoy coloring eggs. We did 5 dozen this year! But, the whole family enjoys eating hard-boiled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, and deviled eggs so we will eat them up quickly. And, they are better for us than piles of candy.

Also, THANK YOU for honoring ME with an egg! I didn't know I meant that much to you all! (Okay, it may actually say "family" but from what I can see, I'm sure it says "Emily!" :)