Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's been a pretty boring week at our house.  Oh sure, we've had our regular lessons and activities and practices and schoolwork and such.  But one MAJOR factor has been absent and we are bored to tears.

With the exception of a few hours on Sunday evening, Clark has been gone from home since last Wednesday morning.  He went to California with his Lego League team from Wednesday to Sunday and now he's gone to a 3-day Shakespeare camp until tomorrow afternoon.

I am very anxious for him to come home.  I miss the man-child.  The peace and quiet and calm was kind of nice for the first few days, but then I found myself feeling very anxious.   I snacked in the kitchen a lot more often.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself without Clark here to tangle with.  The girls will rarely, if ever, lock horns in a battle of wills with me.  I guess Clark isn't the only one who thrives on a bit of drama!  I need him home!!!!  As Bethany said, "Clark is the emotion in our house."

Let's see... what else has been going on?

I'm checking out all sorts of short hair cuts on line in the hopes of cutting my hair soon.  How short dare I go.  No one has ever used "Betsy" and "pixie" in the same sentence, but...
We'll see.

Cannon is about to turn four.  I wish he could stay three for longer.   He is so fun.  I think I'm going to start crying.  Okay, Clark needs to come home right now and then I'm pushing the pause button on every single person in this family.  Sigh.

This post is taking me forever to write.  I'm not very focused and I think I need to just go to bed.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more profound to say.  


Andrea said...

I enjoyed having Clark with us at Shakespeare camp! I believe he came home healthy and happy. I'd love to hear what he thought of it. I was sad missing London while PiPod was gone, glad he wasn't away for a week!

Andrea said...

One more comment: Pixie Betsy, pixie!

Chante' said...

Betsy! I think you would be an adorable pixie-cut-wearer. But let me warn you...it is darn near impossible to grow your hair out from a pixie-cut. How committed are you to short hair? Would you like to date short hair, or marry short hair? Think about it... You will look lovely no matter what you do. :)