Sunday, May 27, 2012

Justin Beaver

Last year on our Great Plains Adventure Cannon used his souvenir money from Grandma Fox to buy this finger-puppet stuffed beaver at the Gateway Arch gift shop in St. Louis.  We're not quite sure what the attraction was, but he just loved this beaver.  In the van we asked him what he was going to name it.  A few ideas were thrown out and then I suggested we name him "Justin Beaver".
The name stuck and Justin Beaver was born.  To this day we regularly enjoy the company of Justin Beaver around the house.  Sometimes he goes in the car with us places, but never into stores or other people's houses, lest we misplace him.

Cannon doesn't know who Justin Bieber is and he was quite surprised and alarmed to hear a voice on the radio mention him.
"Hey!  Did that guy just say Justin Beaver??  How does he know about Justin Beaver???"

Cannon turns four tomorrow.  Fun doesn't quite begin to describe this little guy.

As part of his birthday celebrations we had good friends come over for dinner.  But they helped celebrate in another big way.  Their youngest son has kind of out grown some of his superhero toys so he sold them to us for a very reasonable price.  These were the very toys Cannon wanted.  We wrapped them up and we all enjoyed watching Cannon ecstatically get what he most wanted.  

He enlisted help in ripping open the fancy garbage bag wrapping.
Oh, yes-- it was the BAT CAVE!!!  And there was a Joker, Robin, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, bat plane, bat helicopter, bat motorcycle and more.  My goodness!  Can you imagine what a happy camper Cannon was this evening?
He wasn't the only happy camper.  They all wanted a piece of the superhero action.
Here is Cannon with the founder of the Batman feast.
I don't know if I've ever watched a child enjoy a birthday celebration more.  He was so excited and so funny!  Cannon is an absolute joy for our family.  The girls put together a gift for him today as well.
They gave him these stuffed animals he likes playing with and made him a sweet card and gave him $5.00 to buy something he likes.
Cannon loved being sung to in Primary today for his birthday.  As part of the recognition he was spotlighted-- he had answered a lot of questions about himself and then the other kids tried to guess who the birthday child was.
His favorite thing about Primary? 
Getting a birthday treat on your birthday. (Of course!)
Favorite toys? 
Transformers and superheroes.
Favorite animal? 

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christini yogini said...

Holey rusted metal, batman! That's so cool, happy birthday Cannon!!! 4, wow!