Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks 2012

I think fireworks are getting a bad rap this year.  I understand that they are banned-- wisely so-- in areas where there is a very serious fire danger, but in many neighborhoods in the valley there is no more danger than any other year.  I also understand that many people don't enjoy doing their own fireworks and that is fine, but I'm not buying into the "fireworks are evil, donate your firework money to help stop global warming" or some other such nonsense.  
Our $15 of fireworks brought us a lot of joy.  We cast magical spells that caused billowing blue smoke to fill our street.
Ooh, stinky one.
Time for the most dangerous portion of the fireworks show:  sparklers. 

Clark may or may not still get very nervous when handling sparklers.
Okay, truthfully, I may or may not still get nervous when handling sparklers.  I don't know, what do you think?  Do you see any tension in my face?
We woke Georgie up to go to his first big fireworks show-- he loved it!  Although I think he was more impressed by the fire fighting planes going back and forth trying to put out the fire on the mountain.
The girls bought matching necklaces from one of the vendors at the park.
Our city puts on a really great fireworks show with a finale so big you can't help but clap and cheer.  In fact the entire holiday made me want to clap and cheer-- such great fun with family and friends.

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Amy F. said...

We did a BBQ at Foxhill. Fun! Then watched the Liberty Lake fireworks. Meh, small. Then went to bed. Wahhh! Lame. Nary a sparkler at our house. Everything is outlawed in Washington. I may go to Idaho next year and let my kids go crazy and light things. :)