Sunday, July 29, 2012

Healing the Hurt

In the previous post I introduced you to Thor, the Bunny of Thunder.  I told you Thor was here to stay.

Sadly, I was mistaken and Thor has passed on to a better place.  I would like to think that it's short life was due to the fact that Thor was the runt of the litter and he wasn't eating and drinking much.  But I'm afraid that wasn't all there was to it.

You may recall that I was not in favor of Bethany getting a bunny and as per parental command, this bunny was not going to live inside the house.  Abe and Bethany set up the bunny's cage in an area where it would get morning sun, but the first shade of the afternoon.  Bethany was concerned that the bunny was sweating, it was too hot.  Both Abe and I assured her that Thor would be just fine.  We were sure the bunny was in no danger.

We were wrong.  Oh, there were tears.  It was terrible.  We killed the bunny.  Abe felt horrible for Bethany's sake but also he'd had a similar incident happen in his childhood so it was rather traumatic for him as well.

For the record, he was the runt and I never wanted the bunny in the first place.  But still, it was sad.

I was so thankful to Clark for preparing the grave and conducting the loveliest, most respectful funeral service for a pet that I've ever attended.  I cried.  And since you know how I felt about Thor, that is really saying something.
Fortunately, rabbits have a lot of babies. And as much as "Thor was a good bunny who can never be replaced" (quoted from the funeral service),  Thor had a brother named Zeus (pictured here) who will help to heal the hurt.  I expect that this rabbit will be much longer lived because it's a lot bigger, it eats and drinks, and it will be living in the house.
I'm not about to give Zeus any kisses, but after all the trauma I can't be quite so snarky about the bunny.
Emi's birthday is today and George's is tomorrow so we did a double 2nd birthday party for them on Friday night.
But that wasn't the only thing we were celebrating on Friday night.
We were also celebrating the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!
Our kitchen area is lined with about 20 more flags.  We've got to get our geography in and the Olympics are the perfect excuse!
They are  two!  And it appears George is going to have a terrible twos like I have not seen the likes of yet. 
The kids think he's hilarious.
I have had Georgie's birthday present hidden in my closet for months.  I found Little People superheros and couldn't wait to give them to him.  And his reaction did not disappoint.
The pictures won't quite capture it, but he was making the funniest faces and would scrunch up his nose and raise his eyebrows.  So funny!  He also sings the Batman song-- na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na--- BATMAN!!!
Happy 2nd birthday, Georgie!!!


Gabrielle Kim said...

Happy Birthday George!

Soungsik is very upset that he does not see a Korean flag in the picture but a Japanese one. He is really hoping 1 of the 20 in the kitchen is for Korea :)! He'll probably be asking Elinor about it in class - push ups may or may not be required depending on her answer - no pressure! JK!

Betsy Fox said...

You can tell Master Kim not to worry. The South Korean flag is in a prominent place in the kitchen. It was one of only two flags Elinor had any interest in making. The other being China. Go figure.

jkmilligan said...

I really should have done something fun for me kids with the Olympics, but no. At least I have let them stay up late on some school nights watching the games. I love the Super Hero little people! I've never seen those before, that's awesome!

christini yogini said...

Happy birthday, Georgie!!!!!