Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Happy Place

A couple of days ago Bethany came to me with the age-old childhood complaint:  "I'm bored".

My favorite response to a bored child, besides offering to share my workload, is to reassure them that there is no cause for alarm.  They are simply passing through the land of boredom and on their way to their next really good idea.   While boredom is quite uncomfortable, death is very unlikely. 

No one in this house is ever impressed with this explanation but I guess they don't like hearing it because they usually move onto someone else to pester with their complaints of boredom.

But Bethany was sticking with me in the hopes that I could relieve her discomfort.  Finally I turned to her and said, "You know what?  I'm bored too!"

It's true I've been grouchy, down, out of sorts for the last few days and I think I've been passing through the land of boredom.  We're on summer break but we don't have a lot of fun activities or trips planned.  We don't have much school work to do.  I don't have as many piano lessons to teach.  Cannon has been quite sick for a few days so we've been very home bound.

I'll have to follow my own advice this week and either start working more or at least get some good ideas of how to entertain my people and myself this week.  Anyone want to come over for some water games and a good water balloon fight?

I was so grateful to get to go to my happy place this evening.  This is my happy place:
The U.S. Olympic Trials have been taking place the last couple of days and we had marvelous family time this evening watching swimming and gymnastics.

 I don't think this could really have been that comfortable for Abe, but it was so sweet of him. Abe busted out his football jersey for Arsenal- a professional football (soccer) team in London that he got on his mission.  Oh yes, I think he's gearing up for the games as well.

We particularly enjoyed watching the gymnastics Olympic trials this evening.  Faith entertained us during the commercial breaks.
The one handed cartwheel.
We're thinking the 2024 Olympics for her.
It looks like the discomfort of three children lying on Abe finally caught up with him.  The girls weren't very willing to get off so they had to be forcefully removed. 
Ahh, it never pays to have fun.


Whitney said...

What a cute family you have, never a dull moment, just the occasional boredom :-)

christini yogini said...


Amy F. said...

Faith is such a GREAT little gymnast. Strength and talent in a cute little package.