Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Kind of Camp-Out

When Clark, Bethany, and Elinor were little we camped fairly regularly.  I was pretty proud that although we had little kids, we could still be brave and adventurous.  We camped when I was pregnant and with newborns.  But then Elinor burned her hand on a lantern and cried all night.  And then somebody set off fireworks near our camp and it coincided with a dream I was having and it FREAKED me out.  And then an 11 year-old boy was ripped out of his tent by a bear near the area we liked to camp.

And then I didn't like camping anymore.  

Now I've got issues.  I can camp in a tent in the backyard, but I would definitely prefer the backyard be fenced.  

This is why I am so grateful for good friends who camp every summer and they occasionally invite our family to join them up the canyon for dinner and smores.  I can keep my camping anxiety in check for one evening, especially when we're in a drought year and the river is not running high.
And the kids loved being up there and begged us to PLEASE take them camping.  I am considering.  A camper/RV would definitely sway my decision.  Bears can't get into campers, right?
And I would like to bring Matthew with us to be George's caregiver.  He is so patient and good with little kids and George loves him.
Oh, and if I can take my friend, Michelle, with me to plan and pack all the food then I'm definitely interested.
If I could just sit back and enjoy all the good things of camping without all the work and worry then I think it would be just lovely.
S'mores are certainly one of the good things of camping. 
Georgie's bum got a little wet so Abe was helping to dry him off with the heat of the fire.  Don't worry, there was no joking or danger of Abe harming him.  Cannon thought this was hysterical.  He was cracking up and said, "That is so funny to roast a baby bum instead of a marshmallow!"
And Clark's safe arrival home from scout camp was the happy sight that awaited us when we got home.  I think coming home is always the best part of going away.

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christini yogini said...

What a fun camp time! Glad Clark made it home, he looks like he had a great time, too! Missing you!!!