Monday, August 20, 2012

Catch the Vision - Encampment

Abe here.  Late Saturday, August 4th, Clark and I returned from a massive LDS Scout Encampment near Spokane, Washington.  My father, Jim Fox, was the General Chairman of the entire week-long event and had been planning this 18 stake, Aaronic Priesthood "Jamboree" for 2 and a 1/2 years.  It was a COMPLETE success on every level.  My dad was inspired to give the encampment the title "Catch the Vision".  Much more than a large scouting event, this encampment was a grand gathering of the priesthood - learning from and serving one another, growing towards God and catching the vision of who we are and what we can become.  Here are some pictures from this once in a lifetime event.
Fox men from left to right: Jesse, Baden Stuart, Abe, Adam & Clark.
There were TONS of awesome activities - providing for a very, VERY exciting week.
My nephew Adam, who was Clark's tent-mate for the week, enjoys a dip.
My youngest brother Baden makes a daring leap on the C.O.P.E course (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience).
It was the ULTIMATE Father and Son's camp-out!
Grandpa Fox (my dad) with his three priesthood-holding grandsons (Ford, Clark & Adam).
Shooting - Lots of shooting guns!!
Hatchet Throwing!!
Cousins enjoying the water.
Adam and Clark with the Young Men's General President, David L. Beck.
Clark having a blast on the zip-line.
Clark and I going for a new record at the log cutting activity.
My dad on the big screen just before the closing ceremonies.
4 of the 7 Fox Brothers.

Congratulations James Russell Fox on an incredibly, fantastic event that will never be forgotten by those who were there, and more importantly helped thousands of young men "Catch the Vision" of what the Lord expects of them.  Thanks Dad!!

Here is a link to a 4-page article about the encampamnet in the LDS Church News:


Gabrielle Kim said...

Your father is one impressive man! It looks like there was much fun had. I don't know why, but I find pictures of boys shooting guns to be awesome while pictures of boys throwing hatchets is terrifying?!?

christini yogini said...

What an amazing experience you and Clark got to share! Looks like a really fun, really huge event!

Sariah said...

Really fantastic week! I very much enjoyed the article as well and am so happy that young men are having such great experiences!