Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Utah Reunion 2012

Here is a picture of much, but no where near all, of the Fox family as we gathered for a family reunion this past week and weekend.

It was exciting!  It's always exciting when the Fox family gathers.  It's exciting and it's loud.  Abe grew up in Spokane where four of the nine siblings and their families live.  Abe's parents have a marvelous house that is a kid's paradise and is perfect for big family gatherings so that is where we usually have the reunions. This year we had a Utah reunion and without a central location that could comfortably handle a group this size it was a challenge for Abe who planned and organized the 5 day affair.
The whole event had an "organized chaos" theme.  We're several days out from the reunion and to be honest with you my mind is still reeling a bit from the whole event.  As it turns out I'm a little more of a control freak than I thought I was.  I don't go with the flow as well as I would have hoped.  So since I haven't quite processed the whole reunion yet, I will put up pictures in no particular order with just a bit of commentary.
Bethany and Julia--cousins born one day apart.
The discovery of a new cousin for me.  Melissa also happens to be my sister-in-law, but we're 3rd cousins as well descended through the artist, C.C.A. Christensen.
George and Cannon with cousin Will playing in the sand volley ball court at the park during the first gathering of the reunion.
Some of the teen and preteen gang bowling at the Wilkinson Center at BYU.
Bethany, Elinor, and cousin Talitha on a golf cart tour of BYU.  Yikes-- it made me feel quite old to see how much has changed on campus since Abe and I were there.  Even still, I quite enjoyed the tour.
Lunch at the Cougareat before bowling.
Faith vs. Jessica going head to head in a round of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament.
Elinor's paper covered Caitlyn's rock.
Geez, some people take games too seriously.  Get a grip, Lady!
Lindsey won the whole thing.  The competition was fierce, but she was the best!

Alison and Elinor sleeping in a tent in the backyard.  Including our family of 8 we had 16 people staying at our house over the course of the reunion.  That's a few too many to house comfortably inside the house, so we resorted to tent city in the backyard.
Except that the last night there was rain in the forecast so the girls bedded down on the living room floor.
Celebrating cousin Megan's 16th birthday at Classic Fun Center with roller skating, bounce houses, and laser tag.  Crazy, but fun.  
The youth went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple Saturday morning.  Bethany, Julia, and Talitha weren't 12 yet , but they sat in the waiting room for the group to finish up at the temple and joined them for a testimony meeting afterwards.

The family at a church house for breakfast and a great game of Fox Jeopardy.  The night before was the family talent show.  
My favorite picture of my little charmer-- eating his 5th cup of ice cream.
Lunch at the Lion House in Salt Lake.

We did a lot during this reunion and it was wonderful to see so much family, but I am very happy to be with just my people this week.  This size of crowd is a little easier to manage:)


christini yogini said...

So glad your reunion was a success, it looks like so much fun to have a great big family!!!

Abe Fox said...

Here is a link which leads to a bunch more reunion pictures if interested.

The 2012 Reunion ROCKED!!!!!