Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Christmas With Mitt

Abe and I aren't big into giving each other big ticket items for birthday and Christmas gifts because we've got six kids.  We feel like if we can manage to cover those holidays for them then we're doing pretty well and we call it good.  But thanks to our very generous friend, Andrea, we got Christmas in September today.  She gave us two tickets to a Mitt Romney fundraiser luncheon in Salt Lake City today.

Of course we think everyone should vote for Mitt (especially if you live in a swing state), but even if you don't like Mitt, you must try to be happy for Abe!  He is quite likely Mitt's biggest fan.  Which is perhaps why Andrea gave us these tickets.  No one would appreciate it like Abe would. And I admit I was rather star struck today as well.
Andrea's son, London, (also a very good friend of Clark's) was her date.  It was a most enjoyable way to spend the lunch hour and it beat the heck out of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at home:)
 Merry Christmas, Mitt!

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