Saturday, September 15, 2012

La Dolce Vita

Yesterday was a day for adventure-- a day for getting out, exploring, and trying new things.
The adults went out to a Japanese steak house for dinner which was very enjoyable and very tasty and most of us ate way too much.
I totally look like I'm gagging myself in the picture.

But I'm not.

I'M EATING SUSHI!!! ME!  I am eating sushi.  I, who since my youth, have sworn off eating anything that lives its life in water-- ate sushi!  TWO pieces!!  What is wrong with the Universe??

Dang, peer pressure is a powerful thing.  But do you notice Steve to my right is not looking at me.  I told everyone to not look at me while I did it.  He is respectfully averting his eyes.

You are wondering what I thought, are you not?

I did not love it.  The first roll was markedly better than the second.  Sorry, I don't remember what kind they were-- raw fish is raw fish to me.  Will I continue to eat sushi?  No, I don't think so.  But now I can say I've done it.  For whatever that's worth.

With so many new adventures yesterday...
Today was a day for hanging out and relaxing.
Playing games.
Swimming for hours and hours.
Chatting and visiting.
Yoga with Christine.
Lizard hunting.
Mommy-daughter manicures and pedicures.
What is that face, Faith?   Not attractive, my dear.
Sadly, even a bit (or a lot) of this.
Air hockey tournaments for all ages.

Talk about serious vacationing.  It's been marvelous and tomorrow we head back home ready for the adventure called life that awaits us there.  But first is the BYU vs. Utah game tonight.  Go Cougars!!

This blog post is brought to you in part by Abe, our resident photographer and historian.  Many thanks to him:)

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