Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  The four oldest kids and my sister, Brig, and I got up early to run a 5K--The Human Race in Draper.  This picture was taken just before we left the house so we were all bundled up.
But underneath we were all matching in our shirts.  Very fun for us!  We signed Faith up just the day before so she got last year's shirt.  I thought she might be a little young to run such a distance, but she really wanted to and I figured we wouldn't be going very fast anyway. 
The original plan was for the kids and I to all stick together for the race.  But when Faith joined us we changed the plan to, "Just follow whatever Faith does".  If she runs, we run, if she walks, we walk.

It was a good plan because Faith was FAST!  I could keep up with her but she left her older siblings in the dust!  She and I got to cheer everyone else as they finished.  The whole thing was so fun and I really hope the kids will want to make it a tradition.
As soon as we cleaned up from the race we went to the Flynn's home. We spent several hours cooking up a storm and miraculously we got all the food ready right at the time we planned for. 
It was quite the job guarding the rolls from the girls before the time for the feast.
The meal was a grand success!
Abe was the turkey carver.  He was hesitant to do the job in another man's home, but David was happy to relinquish the honor.
The Flynn's had some great music playing throughout the day on their sound system.  George was digging it and dancing to Erasure.  Abe was in 80's heaven!
Clark and London spent the day melting their minds playing Minecraft.  I was not terribly pleased about that, but I guess people should get to do what they want on Thanksgiving.
That is definitely what Abe and I did.  We played games and ate pie to our hearts content!  We hung out at the Flynn's until about 10:00 p.m.  George and Cannon were really great for the whole day and George even took a nap.  It really was just a very enjoyable, relaxing, happy Thanksgiving for our whole family.  Thank you, Flynns!


Andrea said...

One of my best Thanksgivings ever! Thanks for a great day!

Amy F. said...

You are such a good example-running with your kids Thanksgiving morning! Also-I want your friends HUGE dining room table. :)