Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cocoa and Doughnuts 2012

This evening was our second annual cocoa and doughnuts neighborhood soiree.  We had a really great turnout and it was just fun to visit with friends in our neighborhood.
It was quite chilly but no rain or snow and not much wind.  That's as much as you can ask for in December.
There were plenty of doughnuts, hot chocolate and marshmallows to go around.
We have such wonderful families in our neighborhood.  I could not be more grateful.
Elinor, Caleb and Ben spent a lot of time tribal dancing around the fire this evening.

Some neighbors stopped by for only a moment and some visited for longer, but Abe and I enjoyed it so much.
My beautiful friends, Jenn and Gabrielle.
Boy, my hat sure looks nice, doesn't it?
Actually, I really do like Abe's hat in this picture with Ryan.
As of today, I've hosted my last Christmas gathering.  I've taught my last piano lesson (until the new year).  I've wrapped all the presents.  I've finished school with the kids.  My tummy is full of hot chocolate and doughnuts.  It is officially Christmas break and I am feeling very relaxed and happy this evening. 
Truthfully, I don't handle relaxation and vacation very gracefully for too long,  but I'm loving it for the moment.


Amy F. said...

That looks so fun! I love the idea of it! Maybe I'll copy you one year. :) How do you make candy cane cocoa? Sounds yummy!

Schramm Family said...

Betsy, your hat is awesome. Abe's is better!

Looks like fun :) And cold....

Vanessa Brown said...

That is a really fun tradition, maybe I should think about doing it when we get back to the States.