Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life Goes On

The good news is, that despite my bad attitude as of late, life is going on and we're involved in many good things.  The bad news is... well, I'm tired of complaining today, so I'll not go there tonight.
Happy 38th birthday to Abe today!  We celebrated, although not in the grandest fashion.  Elinor made him a cake, and Bethany frosted it.  The girls all made him cards and I made him a nice dinner.  He got to take an uninterrupted nap this afternoon and last night we went to see The Scarlet Pimpernel with friends.  Nothing too fancy, but it was a nice quiet Sunday afternoon.  Well, it was as quiet as our house ever is. 
We went up to Layton this morning for a nephew's mission farewell.  It was a wonderful meeting and the kids enjoyed playing with cousins. 
I'm grateful that Abe doesn't have over the top birthday expectations, but he only has a couple more years until his big 4-0.  I'll have to start thinking of something fun for that.  Perhaps we might have done more this year, but we were very busy this weekend running kids around the valley all day on Saturday.
Abe took Faith, Elinor, and Bethany up to the University of Utah on Saturday morning for the Utah Lego League Championships.  Clark wasn't competing this year, but Faith was involved on a Jr. FLL team.  This is for ages 6-9 and the kids do get to talk with the judges and get awards, but it's not a competition.
The theme for FLL was Super Seniors.  My dad came and talked to the kids a few months ago about how things have changed since he was a kid.  Faith was so proud to have her grandpa come.  This group of kids was actually divided up into two different teams.  Faith's team learned all about the history of the telephone.
The little guy in orange to the right of Faith and the little guy in navy blue to the left of her are also siblings of Clark's PiPod friends.  Elinor is anxious to be on an FLL team next year.  This year she and another set of PiPod siblings are learning all about programming this year so they will be ready next year.
I was so pleased to hear that Faith was very talkative with the judges in explaining their project and their little contraption they built and programmed.  I didn't realize she understood things so well, but even more so I didn't realize she had overcome her shyness.  Her team won a "Master Programmer" award.  She loved it!

 Clark went on a Winter camp out Friday night and got home in time for me to run him downtown for a speech and debate tournament.  He participated in the student congress and got to present his bill to ban texting while driving.  He was happy to get an honorable mention at the awards ceremony. 
These two are so yummy to me!  They were so excited to go to cousin Brigham's birthday party at Jungle Jims on Saturday afternoon.  It's kind of like Chucky Cheese's but with more rides.  They don't get to go places like this very often, so they were in heaven.
They were both very brave to go on all the rides together. 
It's not very often that it's just the little boys and me and I must say that I enjoyed my time with them immensely, even if these places aren't anywhere near the top of where I'd like to spend my time. 
I think Grandpa Cannon should get some kind of special award for going to the party and cheering for and waving to his little grand kids on the rides.
This past week Elinor and Faith made themselves some muffins and dolled themselves up for a tea party.  Whatever it takes to get through the long Winter days.
 Nice head dresses, huh?  They are snow hats George, Cannon, and Faith made at story time at the library.

One other really great thing this week was our neighborhood book club.  I didn't enjoy the book at all--The Ultimate Gift, which I hear is a great movie, but it's a lame book.  Even so, I enjoy book club so much and it is a joy to spend time with my neighbors and friends.

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