Friday, February 8, 2013

Goings On

Tomorrow night is my big night-- the return of the Regency Romance Ball.  Hopefully I'll have beautiful pictures of myself in my new gown (thank you, thank you, thank you, Barbara!) to put up on the blog very soon.  But before then I must catch up on the goings on of late.  I haven't blogged much because 1) I got tired of hearing myself complain about the weather and 2) I've been spending my "free time" reading rather than blogging.  Mind you, I haven't spent that time cleaning, but reading.  There's a big difference and I infinitely prefer the latter.  In fact, I was going to spend the evening cleaning my room, but I wasn't enjoying it, so I'm blogging instead.  I'm sure you'll agree I've made the best choice. 
Faith and Cannon are working on a ukelele band.  They built themselves a bandstand with wooden board blocks and brought some bananas downstairs to add to the tropical feel of the music.  Faith's ukelele is pretty nice--as far as starter ukeleles go--and easily holds its tuning.  Cannon's, however, is a "decorative toy" ukelele and cannot be tuned and sounds atrocious.  But it is worth it to enjoy listening to them playing together.
Faith made Cannon a fox costume and then Cannon rushed upstairs to put on his favorite fox sweater-- which sadly has a hole in it but he loves it so.

A close up of the fox mask.  He's a happy little fox.
Elinor got a haircut last Saturday.  She got seven inches cut off and it looks very cute, but while I was quite proud of myself for getting a before picture, I've failed thus far to get a good after picture.  I'll have to put that on my list of things to do that I know full well I may never get around to.
 Last Friday Abe and I went to the temple and left Bethany home tending not only our little ones, but some friends' children who were in town to go to the temple as well.  She had her hands full, but handled it like the pro-babysitter she is.  She was off babysitting tonight as well.   She is gaining some very valuable childcare skills and becoming Miss Money Bags all at the same time.
 There is always a knock at the door on February 2nd and I'm always surprised to receive beautiful flowers.  My brother Matt sends flowers to my sister and I on the anniversary of our mom's passing.  They are always yellow and cheerful just like her.  She has been gone for 12 years and she is still missed every day. 
  Abe was working last Saturday evening so the kids and I decided to have a "friend night".  The oldest four each invited a friend (or two or three) over for games and treats.  My only rule was that it had to be an "
"e-free" night-- no electronics or computers or movies.  Just old school games and playing.  I know, I'm the lamest mom ever.  Cry me a river.
Clark and his gang played TransEuropa and Citadels.
Elinor and the other nine year olds played Apples to Apples.  Cannon and George mostly hung out with these guys.
These ladies sequestered themselves upstairs all evening so I'm not too sure what they did but I know they had fun and they didn't want to be disturbed.
Faith and Emma were the gymnastics girls.  They both take tumbling from the same school and are about equal in their skills so they have a great time and have a ton of stamina.  They just need more mats and more room.   
And they put on quite a show.  They were working on their synchronization.
Abe and I went to a District Scout recognition dinner this evening where he was presented a Second Miler award for being a great scout leader to the 11 year old scouts in our ward.   He has spent many years as a scout leader and I was happy for him to get this award.

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Kajsa said...

Beautiful flowers! and I really like your sweater in the last picture. :)