Sunday, February 10, 2013

Regency Romance Ball 2013

Are you ready?

Prepare yourself.

Here it is.....

Announcing Lord Abraham and Lady Elizabeth of River-Town!
Oh, marvelous, wonderful Regency Romance Ball!  It was just so fun!  Here are the pictures.
This was our main group for the dinner and dancing.  Dinner was turkey and mashed potatoes and it was delicious.  But the dessert was a bread pudding and it was not so good.  But no matter.  It did not detract from the magic of the evening.
Last year Abe rented his costume and it helped win him the "Mr. Darcy" contest.  So he rented the exact same costume this year and he nearly won again.  There were about 170 people at the ball and he was one of the top 6 finalists.  He is so dashing!
They also have a "Miss Emma Woodhouse" contest for the young ladies.  In years past my white nightgown has never taken me far in the competition.  But this year my gold gown earned me a place amongst the five finalists!  ME!  Can you believe it???
This is all thanks to Barbara Sherman who took pity on me and my nightgown and offered to help me make a dress.  I told her that if by "help" she meant she would make me a dress, then YES, I'd love it!  She came through big time and I loved, loved, loved my dress!
Look at all the beautiful dresses!!!  Oh, heavenly!
The dancing was so much fun.  I really would like for this style of dancing to make a serious comeback.  It is so enjoyable because everyone can do it and they are set dances so you don't feel like an idiot hopping and bopping about not knowing quite what to do.  The ladies are ladylike and the gentlemen are... well, gentlemen.
Andrea has become quite the vintage dancing expert and has taught Clark and many other youth all these dances that we were learning.  I'm working on arranging to have her come to teach our neighborhood book club/ward/friends-- anyone who wants to have a most enjoyable evening learning several of these dances.  Vintage dancing is wholesome recreation at it's finest!  But don't worry, you won't have to dress up to come dance.
It's a blurry picture, but I like it anyway.  My favorite dance is a reel called Sir Roger de Coverley.   It gets going so fast and everyone has a permanent smile on their face and we're laughing and there were even a few people falling to the ground! (but not hurt).  Good times.
More dancing pictures because they make me happy.
I'm just going to say it.
We are stunning.
And now I'm going to say something else.
I am a very, very lucky lady.  I am so happy Abe can go and enjoy a night like this almost as much as me.  He is a grand dancing partner and an even better life partner.
Perhaps a ball just once a year is not enough.
But I musn't be greedy.  I must just enjoy the time we have with good friends and great fun.

And I should mention that my hair was so much easier to do this year than last!  And as a bonus, when I did the wild Sir Roger de Coverely reel this year, I didn't litter the floor with hairpins flying out of my hair.

Abe Note:  Here is one more AWESOME picture of our group with a fictional background.


Becci said...

It really was such a delightful evening. I'm so glad we came this year. Thanks to you and Abe for all your help navigating us through our first ball.

Schramm Family said...

So fun! Your dress is amazing :)

christini yogini said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!