Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Little Ones

Cannon was so happy to get his first real school books in the mail this past week.  He anxiously sat down and got right to work.  He liked the coloring and tracing but he was probably happiest that he had mom all to himself for a little while to do his school.  I was rather impressed with his coloring and he was holding his pencil the right way, which bodes well for his future handwriting.
Cannon will turn 5 this May.  WOW!  He is really changing from a little kid to a bigger kid right before my eyes.  I must admit that I am a little sad to see him getting bigger just because he has been such a joy that I'm not in any kind of hurry to have him grown up.  Not that I don't think he'll remain a joy, but he won't be quite so little and snuggly.
And now for my absolute favorite picture of the year.  George picked out his outfit and its so styling.  It's kind of Strawberry Shortcake meets Fred from Scooby-Doo.  The orange ascot is actually a scarf tied into a superhero cape.  It was snowing outside and I was busy with my visiting teacher so he took it upon himself to dress himself for the great outdoors.  What you can't see is that he's got no underwear on under his favorite bird shirt.  He took care to dress for extreme weather but he missed a rather important area!
Work it, George!
Here's a funny little thing about George these days.  He is very reliably potty trained and somehow he has come to call going poo-poo going "T-Rex".  When he has a T-Rex we all cheer for him and he growls.  He also is really into acting like a dog.  Lots of panting and pawing at us.  He is great fun!
Faith is continuing with her beginning robotics class.  She built this flying bird with her Lego WeDo kit.  Faith has a wonderfully fun group of girlfriends in the ward and neighborhood.  A couple of the moms have set up monthly girls' nights for them this year and last night was the first one.  What fun Faith had! In the middle of the snowstorm today I went to sign Elinor and Faith up for softball for the spring.  It was a nice reminder that Winter is going to pass and Spring will come.  Unfortunately Elinor and Faith won't be able to play on the same team this year, like last year so we'll have 2 different teams of practice and games to work into our family schedule.  How exciting!


Naomi said...

You need to have words with Cannin about this growing up business! I don't like it and he just needs to STOP! I think I have to agree with you concerning the hoot of George! He on the the hand is looking like his so much fun at his age! So very cute!!!!!

Amy F. said...

George is hilarious! The outfit, the facial expressions...the confidence. Love him! (and sweet little Cannon and Faith)

Vanessa Brown said...

Aww Faith! You grew up!