Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

Our family has enjoyed a beautiful Easter morning.  Abe, Clark, Bethany and I all got to speak in Sacrament meeting on the Atonement and the Resurrection.   For Abe and I it was especially rewarding to watch Clark and Bethany as they prepared their talks and to hear their understanding of the gospel increase.  They did a marvelous job and we were very proud of them both.  
Everyone was looking snazzy in their new Easter threads.  Cannon and George have never been dressed so fancy-- and they were not digging it.  They both informed me that they did not like their new clothes.  Too bad their mommy thinks they look cute.
Abe gave such a great talk today.  He told a story to the children about the great knight (Christ) who slayed the two-headed, awful monster (death and hell).  At the end of the story he asked the children who this great knight was.  From the congregation Cannon shouted out, "Jesus Christ!"  It was so cute and sweet and the timing couldn't have been better.
We did our little Easter Bunny festivities on Saturday morning.  It was simple and fun.
There was the little foil-wrapped egg hunt around the living room.
The kiddos checked out their baskets.
And then they tore into their books.  The Easter Bunny always brings everyone a book.  Clark spent the day in deep study of Backyard Ballistics.  
What on earth was the Easter Bunny thinking?  I came home last night to open flame on a cookie sheet on the living room floor. 
And everyone was okay with this?
Pete the Cat was my favorite literary addition to the family yesterday.  It's adorable-- you really must go read it.

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christini yogini said...

Happy Easter, wonderful Fox family! Betsy, your hair looks so cute!!! Hugs!