Sunday, March 10, 2013

This and That

It's too early for a case of serious spring fever, but the symptoms are fast approaching.  Elinor made herself a bird next out of mud and grass.
George and Cannon enjoyed feeding the bunny carrots and the bunny enjoyed getting out of his cage in the garage and running free around the backyard. 
Bethany turns 12 later this week but we celebrated her family party today by having the Johansens over for dinner and games.  Two birthday cakes was overkill but I must have worries that if there wasn't enough cake for everyone, I might not get a piece.  Heaven forbid I not get my fair share of cake!
We (as in I) made Cafe Rio salads for dinner.  They were quite tasty and I certainly enjoyed my fair share of them!
Bethany is excited to test out her little doughnut maker Rachel and Kara gave her for her birthday.  Today was Bethany's last Sunday in Primary.  She will head to Young Women's next week.  She is is so excited and has looked forward to turning 12 for so long that she can hardly believe it's finally here.
So cute and yet slightly disturbing on another level.  To say that Cannon loves Clark is an understatement, but Clark is no less enamored by his charming little brother.  Cannon is granted privileges from Clark that no one else would dare to even request from Clark. I think that the day Clark leaves on his mission might be a sad day for a nine year old Cannon.

Elinor and Faith demonstrated this evening why no parent should feel badly if they can't afford to buy there kiddos the latest and greatest toys.  I was slicing avocados this afternoon and the girls begged and pleaded for the avocado pits.
Uh, okay, sure, you can haven them. (Why the heck to you want avocado pits?)
 Faith drew a face on her's and called it her "avocado baby".
Elinor made her's into pendant for a necklace.
Why do we have any toys at all?


Mary Fox said...

Ha ha! For some reason Cannon looks like a ventriloquist dummy in that picture! It looks like you guys are up to lots of fun stuff as usual!

Schramm Family said...

mmmm... Cafe Rio... Mmmm..... Oh wait... the dressing you shared was excellent! Happy Birthday Bethany! Corrine LOVES you! :)